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Before beginning the trek over the Pyrenees, the organizer of our group suggested we all read a book about freedom fighters during World War. He recommended one of his favorite titles, “A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of Virginia Hall, WWII’s Most Dangerous Spy.” The book challenged me to the core.

Virginia Hall’s tenacity, bravery, and boldness stand as an example of what is desperately needed today. She put her life on the line while in Nazi-occupied France and helped turn the tide of the war. Such measured and resilient defiance to tyranny is essential for the preservation of liberty. Our freedoms will erode around us, piece by piece, if we quietly go about our daily lives with the assumption that the atrocities of the past, such as the Oradour massacre, will never occur again. By turning a blind eye to the erosion of our values, we posture ourselves for much greater losses. France was invaded by the Nazis with hardly a fight. Millions of lives would be taken in the effort to get it back.

Republics are built on the understanding that humans are created in God’s image and are therefore of inestimable significance. The Scriptures lay the foundation for such understanding. When values such as love and mutual respect guide us, then liberty and justice will flourish. If we lose the basic moral and Biblical standards that have shaped Western society, however, we may find ourselves in a pitched battle for survival. The steely grip of totalitarianism will tighten its grip on any people who abandon God.

The good news is that one dedicated life can awaken others. Many such lives united by prayer and determination can impact a nation—even the world. I think for example about one of our core staff members who died a few weeks ago to cancer. Susie Shields was passionate about helping people read and understand the Bible. She worked tirelessly alongside me and the Scripture Awakening team on project after project, often volunteering her time and inspiring us with her loving dedication. Her last project, editing our new the Bible in 90 Days Plus book, was a great passion of her heart. At Susie’s funeral, in her honor, Bible in 90 Days Plus books were given out to attendees.

B90+ BookI ask you to consider, in her honor, ordering a Bible in 90 Days Plus book. It is a complete package worth three times the cost, including free videos and the online Bible in 90 Days Plus commentaries. Have a few friends join you in reading God’s Word. If it works well for you and your small group, then urge your pastor to take your entire church through the same experience.

Our aim is to impact millions with Scripture. To this end, we are praying for more Virginia Halls, more Susie Shields, more bold and tenacious servants of the Most High God who may help us reclaim the values that make for wholesome living and human flourishing. We are also praying for many to generously bring God’s message of hope to those who otherwise may not have access to God’s Word.

Every Blessing,

Bill Campbell

Founder & President • Scripture Awakening
William Campbell

Author, Founder and President of Scripture Awakening. Host of Beyond Words Radio.