Go BEYOND just talking about your faith—to living it!

BEYOND Word’s Radio is a weekly broadcast by Dr. Bill Campbell, who interviews leading Christian authors, speakers, ministry leaders of our time, on a variety of topics that are relevant for everyday life. The program broadcasts regionally and worldwide through Spirit Satellite Network Radio. The Beyond Words library contains over 300 podcasts that will inspire your faith and free to listen and download!

BEYOND Resources offer a variety of Biblically-based books, small group resources, and leadership training guides to help Christians find wholeness in their lives. Scripture Awakening also hosts pastor/leader events, training events, and worship/prayer events that reach many hundreds of people in person. BEYOND resources can deepen your understanding and application of Scripture.

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  • Live (Mon @ 10:05 AM EST)

BEYOND provides insight on how God’s Word applies to the issues of the day.

— Nancy Caldwell


BEYOND Media Resources


BEYOND Media Resources


BEYOND Media Resources


BEYOND Media Resources