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Take a journey through God’s Word that will transform your life.

Bible in 90 Days Plus (B90+) is a simple, innovative, and proven approach to reading God’s Word.

B90+ offers you daily commentary posts that can be read (or listened to) based on the time-tested read, study, live format. The read section gives you the traditional multiple-chapters-daily, or a single overview chapter option. The study (reflect) section provides general insights to help you grasp the broad flow of Scripture. The live (respond) section guides you to make specific application as is fitting for your life.

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B90+ Key Features
  • Accessible: B90+ delivered daily to your computer or mobile device, anywhere.
  • One-minute videos, designed to help you capture the essence of each lesson.
  • Coaching tip to help you keep pace and not give up.
  • Commentaries based on our time-tested “Read-Study-Live” format.
  • An impact statement to encourage you to apply what you have learned.
  • New: B90+ GuideBook
  • New: Essential Snapshot video teaching series
B90+ Benefits
  • It’s FREE when you become an SA Subscriber.
  • Come to know the great themes of Scripture.
  • Better recall of what you read in the beginning when you get to the end.
  • Be more engaged and challenged in your spiritual growth.
  • Enjoy Bible reading and support tools right on your phone or mobile device.
  • Join a worldwide community in the journey of spiritual growth and kingdom advance.

For Pastors and
Church Leaders

A three minute description of the benefits of using Bible in 90 Days Plus (B90+) in your church with helps and guidelines.

Doing B90+ in a Small Group

So you want to do B90+ together? Great! Doing B90 in a group is always best. Follow these four simple steps (at right) to ensure that everyone in your group knows how B90+ is delivered before you start.
  1. Set a start date.
  2. Have all participants create FREE member accounts.
  3. Inform all participants of the start date, then email the subscribe link to each person.
  4. All participants must subscribe one day before the start date. Example: If your start date is May 15, then subscribe on May 14. Our B90+ email delivery system automatically begins sending the B90+ series immediately after a subscription is activated. Once it begins, the B90+ emails will commence daily for 90 days non-stop.

Integrate B90 and B90+

B90 Traditional and B90+ Digital were designed to complement the other and work together. You CAN integrate both sets of resources. When you want to start B90 and organize your small group, you may offer participants (a) the print versions of the B90 Bible, Participant’s and Leader’s Guides, and DVD teaching videos, and/or (b) the digital versions of B90+ emails, B90+ Guidebook, and the Essential Snapshot teaching videos. For complete details, download the PDFs below which provide all the information you need to get started.

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