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Take a journey through God's Word that will transform you!

You asked. We listened. It’s here! Introducing the Bible in 90 Days Plus softcover book.

We took the B90+ email automation and formatted into a 300+ page softcover book. But we didn’t stop there—we added several useful features, tools and helps that make your B90 reading experience even richer (see below). B90+ offers you daily commentaries based on the time-tested Read » Study » Live format. Read the traditional B90 12-pages of Scripture each day. The Study (Reflect) section provides general insights to help you grasp the broad flow of Scripture. The Live (Respond) section guides you to make specific application as is fitting for your life.

Below is a comparison of similarities and differences between the B90+ emails and the B90+ book. To view images for both products, place your mouse or finger over the image, click/press, hold, and slide to the left or right.

B90+ Email Series
B90+ Softcover Book
Email Benefits & Features
  • Learn the great themes of Scripture
  • Better recall of what you read in the beginning when you get to the end
  • Accessible: delivered daily to your computer or mobile device, anywhere
  • 90-daily emails correspond with 90-daily Bible readings
  • One-minute videos capture the essence of each lesson
  • Listen using the optional audio feature
  • Coaching tips help you keep pace and not give up
  • Choose reading 12 pages/day or 1 overview chapter
  • Commentaries based on our time-tested Read » Study » Live format
  • Impact statements encourage you to apply each day’s lesson
  • Includes: B90+ Digital GuideBook and the Essential Snapshot Teaching Videos
  • Price: $19.95
Book Benefits & Features
  • All the same benefits & features of B90+ email series, and…

Additional Book Benefits & Features

  • A complete manual: 8 1/2 x 11 inches • 332 pages
  • Clean, spacious layout, with clear font for easy reading
  • Better retention reading from printed pages
  • Permanent record of answers, notes, and insights
  • Return to reuse the book again
  • B90+ Integrated Reading Plan
  • Weekly Session Previews and Reviews
  • Small Group Facilitator’s Guide
  • Small Group Discussion Questions
  • Supplemental Historical Material
  • Bonus: Also receive B90+ email delivery, B90+ Digital GuideBook, and the Essential Snapshot Teaching Videos
  • Price: $24.95