What They’re Saying

“Our BNEXT staff member has been a valuable friend and encourager in this process. It doesn’t feel as if he’s ‘pushing a program’ on us, but like he’s a consultant who not only has ‘stock’ resources available, but who is helping us develop and shape what we need. I’ve appreciated that he has been available to us, and to me personally and very accommodating of our schedule.”

Erwin GoedkePastor, North Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, OH

“As pastor, I noticed a significant level of energy and excitement as the whole congregation joined together for this common purpose. The program was a great help to our small group leaders, who were given an opportunity to take real and visible leadership as small groups became something central to the Sunday worship week after week.”

Andrew NagelAssociate Pastor, Germantown, MD

BNEXT…challenged our folks to go deeper in their study of Scripture and to apply what they learned. I hear repeated expressions of appreciation for the Biblical background and interpretive guidance that BNEXT resources put into their hands.

Jeff HosemerSenior Pastor, Cincinnati, OH

“BNEXT has been a significant discipleship tool. Unlike other small group resources, BNEXT allows the congregation to study, reflect, and interact with the same biblical passages together… The material is thoughtfully written and the questions are engaging. The biblical themes are addressed in a step-by-step format that encourages participants to thoughtfully go deeper in the Word. It has been a renewing experience to use BNEXT.”

John PetersonPastor, Ashburn Presbyterian, Asburn, VA

“Last summer we had the opportunity to use study material that led us through ta study of Ephesians. We found folks looked forward to the study materials, used them in small groups and for individual meditation, and that they helped with preparation for worship.”

Alan LandesSenior Pastor, West Chester, OH

“The research and exposition in the handouts is very helpful in the following ways: The audience is more prepared to receive the Word after this thoughtful study. The congregation listens with a sense of purpose, direction, and mission. Scholarly notes or historical background notes which are included in BNEXT do not have to be repeated in the sermon. This gives greater freedom in sermon preparation. Everyone is more informed and more engaged with the text.”

Tom SweetesSenior Pastor, Cincinnati, OH