B90 Hungry Campaign 2024

Hungry for God’s Word? Let us help you read through the Bible in 90 Days!

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Notice: The next Hungry Campaign will begin again on August 18th, 2024. But you may still subscribe to our regular Bible in 90 Days Plus email series by clicking on this link: Subscribe to B90+


The B90 Hungry Campaign begins August 18, 2024.

Yes you CAN read the whole Bible! Begin by envisioning and recruiting your family, friends, Bible study group, Sunday school class, or even your whole church to read through the Bible in 90 days. You’ll use our Bible in 90 Days Plus (B90+) email series.

The premise is simple: Participants read 12 pages of Scripture a day, gather weekly to watch a teaching video, engage in discussion, and fellowship. Repeat. Thirteen weeks later—voilá—you’ve done it!

Scripture Awakening provides free training to help you participate, prepare, facilitate, and finish the B90 experience. We’ll make sure that you, your small group, or church are informed and equipped for an amazing journey through God’s Word! We’ve done this for a long time. We’ll help you get the most out of the 90-day readings.

Hungry Campaign Mission


We pray each participant will eagerly desire to read the Word of God.
1 Tim 3:16-17
1 Timothy 4:13


We pray the Spirit of Truth will guide the reader into ALL Truth.
John 16:13


We pray that the Hunger for God’s Word would be a part of the Revival that God is stirring in His people.
John 6:35
2 Chronicles 7:14


We pray that every individual will grow and be strengthened in their personal relationship with God and grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity.
Ephesians 4:13-15


We pray that relationships are built between people, churches, denominations, and neighbors strengthening the Body of Christ.
Galatians 3:28


We pray that every reader will be lovers, hearers, and doers of God’s Word.
James 1:22-25


We pray that love will increase in everyone who participates and live as salt and light everywhere they go.
John 13:34-35
Matthew 50:13-16


We pray that we reach as many people as possible all over the world.
Mark 16:15

For Individuals

So you want to read thru the Bible—that’s great! Even if you read by yourself, know that you’re on the B90 train with passengers from all over the country. So you’re not alone! We’ve got all you need for the journey.

  • Sign Up for B90 Hungry Campaign. B90+ (digital delivery only) and includes daily B90+ email series. Sign up anytime between now and August 18, 2024. Just scroll down to “Sign Up” on this page.

Options: We offer these helpful resources designed to enhance your B90 reading experience. Access them here:

  • B90 Reading Plan Bookmark
  • B90+ Digital GuideBook
  • The Essential Snapshot Videos
  • You may also consider purchasing a printed copy of our NIV B90 Bible. Studies show that reading books on a printed surface is more beneficial and easier than reading from an electronic screen. The B90 Bible is a paperback. It features start and end markers for each day’s reading; larger print size; thinline format transports easily in a briefcase or purse; and is the centerpiece of the B90 curriculum. NIV B90 Bible

For Small Groups

Reading the Bible together with a small group has many benefits. First, it greatly increases the success rate of reading through the whole Bible. You will build relationships, find accountability, opportunities to share insights, and review the previous week’s reading. All-in-all, the journey is just better when going together! Here are the basic steps:

  1. Promote & Recruit. Start telling your family, friends, Sunday school class, ministry, and/or church about the B90 Hungry Campaign which begins August 18, 2024. “Yes we can read the whole Bible in 90 days!”
  2. Sign Up for B90 Hungry Campaign. B90+ (digital delivery only) is just $19.95 and includes daily emails, a GuideBook, and Essential Snapshot Videos.* You may sign up anytime between now and August 18, 2024. Just click the “Sign Up” button on this page.
  3. Prepare. If you want on facilitate a B90 small group, then start informing participants (or groups) of the daily reading time commitment (45-60 min); weekly meetings (90 min) to review the readings, watch a video, join group discussion, and fellowship! Learn here on how to start & facilitate a B90 small group.
  4. Repeat. Tell it again and again. People need to hear something 7-8 times in order to really “get the message.” And your degree of enthusiasm will help engage and mobilize others to read through the Bible! Encourage them: “Let’s do this!”
* If you prefer printed materials, you may purchase the B90 NIV Bible, Participant’s Guide, and Leaders Guide with DVDs. See B90 Products

B90 Resources

B90+ (Digital)
Sign up for Bible in 90 Days Plus email series. The B90+ email series comes to your inbox daily. B90+ features video clips, coaching tips, read 12 pages of the Bible a day, a brief commentary, and a closing application challenge. B90+ includes a B90+ GuideBook and the corresponding Essential Snapshot weekly video teachings. You can view each of these here:

Free B90 Resources
The free resources below will help you promote, equip, and facilitate a B90 small group (if you choose to lead or participate in one).

B90 Print Options
You may want to consider our Bible in 90 Days printed materials for purchase. We now offer a variety of B90 resources. View here:

“B90 is like binge-watching the greatest story ever told!”