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About Your Journey

Scripture Awakening resources can lead individuals, small groups, entire churches, or whole communities into a journey of spiritual growth. Ideally, this journey can be experienced in all four contexts, each building on the other.

Those who read, study, and live the Scriptures individually often become passionate about impacting others, typically beginning with a small group of family members, friends, or work associates. Those who experience the power of God’s Word through a small group will naturally wish others in their church could experience the same. This may occur by establishing one or more small groups in the church, through an existing small groups ministry, through a Christian education program, or through a church-wide challenge involving every member. As your church is impacted through by God’s Word, it will naturally spill out to your local community, potentially impacting individuals, families, churches, schools, businesses, and much more. We outline each category, so read more below to see what fits your current situation or need. We’re here to serve.


People seeking daily time alone with God in His Word and in prayer can find a treasure of print and digital resources at Scripture Awakening.

  • B90: We recommend beginning with Bible in 90 Days, in either Traditional (print) or digital formats.
  • BNEXT: Then explore the catalog of BNEXT Bible studies, enough to guide your discipleship journey for years. Here are tips from our BNEXT Getting Started section to maximize your experience.
  • BEYOND: Fill in your downtime while driving, exercising, or reflecting at home by listening to free Beyond Words Radio podcasts that will inspire you to apply Scripture to your life in our post-Christian culture.

Small Group

Small groups can be formed almost anywhere: from a home to a church, from a business lounge to an outreach in prisons, from a home-school classroom to a university-student group, from a military outpost to a ministry to prisoners…there is no limit to the possibilities.

Each of the Scripture Awakening resources is uniquely designed to enhance your small group experience in any and all of these contexts. Read the getting started guides for Bible in 90 Days (both traditional and digital), BNEXT, and other resources found on our website.


Scripture Awakening resources are designed to make the pastor and church leaders’ jobs easier. Ready-made tools have been designed to help your church members grow deeper in their knowledge and application of God’s Word, strengthening their faith and passion to do God’s work. Bible in 90 Days (B90) and BNEXT Bible studies can be used by the entire congregation, building unity among the church members.

When using either B90 or BNEXT, plan each new series ahead of time so that you can encourage your church family to form new small groups and invite their friends. The pastor may consider preaching sermons to coincide with the church-wide study, creating even more excitement and synergy around Scripture. Over-all best practices, sample sermons for B90, and other helpful free tools can be found here. Our Biblical resources are designed to aid you in making disciples for Christ. If you need more information or have questions, then contact us about how we can help.


When congregations are impacted with the power of God’s Word, pastors or church members often desire to reach out to impact their community. In some towns and cities, churches have joined together, reading the Bible or studying God’s Word in parallel. In others, churches have united to read the Bible aloud in a local park or civic center.

Some churches seek to unite in prayer, adding fuel to the fire. Explore our Awake! resources, designed to help you strengthen prayer in your church and community. Be sure to contact us, telling us ways in which God has led you to impact your community with the power of God’s Word.