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William P. Campbell

William Campbell
Executive Director

The son of the founders of Community Bible Study, Bill knows from personal experience that people grow in spiritual depth and Biblical knowledge when they use carefully constructed Bible studies illuminated with well researched commentary background. Bill saw Community Bible Study develop from his parents’ living room to an international ministry serving many thousands of people. Having written commentaries for Community Bible Study, he began writing material for the churches he pastored so he could connect Sunday sermons to weekly devotional reading, and small group Bible studies. He tested and improved materials in congregations over a period of 15 years, and through his Doctor of Ministry studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, he researched the most effective ways to build the BNEXT ministry. He also holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Seminary and a Bachelor of Biology from Westmont College. Bill has written a variety of articles, publications, and books. Bill serves as executive director and president of the board for Scripture Awakening.

David L. Winkle

David Winkle
Product & Outreach Consultant

David received his Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from the University of Tennessee. He earned his Master of Divinity degree from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. He completed work on his Doctor of Ministry degree at Drew University in 1994, with an emphasis in adult Christian education. While serving parishes in Georgia and North Carolina, David also worked as a reserve Army Chaplain, and was called to active duty in 1997. Following military service, he worked as a church administrator before moving to the mountains of western North Carolina.

Robert (Bob) Price

Robert Price
Finance Consultant

In addition to serving as an ex-officio board member for Scripture Awakening, Bob also serves as finance director. Working with the other team members, he contributes his expertise to daily operations, including long-range business planning. Starting his career as a federal anti-trust lawyer, Bob served as executive vice president of a major national energy association, then founded a startup energy company. Bob later directed national government affairs activities as vice-president of a major international environmental corporation. His work for Scripture Awakening includes ensuring all legal and business matters are properly handled, including our compliance with non-profit best practices.

Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas
Communications Consultant

Mark has over three decades of experience in both graphic arts and Christian ministry, including pro-life activism, pastoring, teaching, mentoring, and overseas missions. Mark creates all of Scripture Awakening’s digital and printed materials, maintains the ministry’s website, social media, and more. He is happily married to wife Kimberly, father to one daughter, and grandpa of two grandchildren. Mark enjoys being creative, music, good food, travel, and made the mountains of western NC his home.

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