What They’re Saying

“I listen regularly to your broadcast and have the opportunity to know of these Christian discussions. This is so important. We need your ministry here.”

Yevgeny TabakovSaratov, Russia

“I have the satellite service and we are pleased to receive your broadcast here. I listen at my work and I always find your topics of interest and important in my life.”

Marie SeddonAuckland, New Zealand

“It is a pleasure to hear a good and very interesting program from you every week. That’s more than I can say for just about everything else on air today.”

Carlos HernandezCali, Colombia

“I think God wants us to know our world and the things that affect us. You shine light on interesting topics every week and I’m always learning! Thanks.”

Luann AllenParis, TX

The truth seems to be missing often these days. I am glad your broadcast tells it. Praise Jesus!

Wanda Manson

“I like your broadcast Brother Campbell. I have listened only about a month and I am being drawn into your informative program. Such a blessing!”

Connie Lott-Jones

“There are not enough good words to describe your innovative broadcast. The format is not like so many others and I find it refreshing and encouraging.”

Belinda Fuller

“This is real excellence in a broadcast that speaks directly to the people about our concerns as Christians. Bless you.”

Wally Nixon

“Bless your broadcast. We don’t have much like it. I like to read the Bible and to listen to informative programs like what you do. Thank you very much.”

Takako OzawaOsaka, Japan

“Dear Brother Campbell, I have my sat receiver set to come on for your broadcast. I really enjoy your programme.”

Wanda KirklandLiverpool, England

“Dear Mr. Campbell, I listen to your broadcast almost every week. This is a blessing. Thanks for your mission.”

Dirk SteinmeierMunich, Germany

“I am always praying for the hand of God in all works that affect people. It is there in your broadcast. Bless you and the principles of your mission.”

Connie UngerChicago

“We receive your program every week on the satceiver and it is a blessing in our hearts. It is always important information.”

Rajiv DeoraMumbai, India

“Glory to God! He works in incredible ways. He led me to find your broadcast and I am blessed in this informative work you are doing.”

Carrie FletcherMilwaukee, WI

The broadcast you have is what I like to hear every week. The topics are so important this day.

Angelika RulheBerlin, Germany

“I am a new listener and I have to tell you that I am delighted to hear your interesting broadcast. I have listened for a little over a month and I will be with you for a long time. Praise Jesus!”

Myra WilliamsonNassau, Bahamas

“I hear your broadcast and I learn of things I never thought about before. Your information is so good and the program is really interest[ing]. I am blessed in your work.”

Alina PopescuBucharest, Romania

“Greetings in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus. We listen to you very regularly and are always learning something new from your discussions. Praise Jesus. To HIM be the glory of all!”

Keeler FamilyToronto

“Your program is a source of real knowledge and understanding which is very important these days with so much misinformation and fake news out there. You stand for truth and that is what God wants us to do!”

Melanie FowlesBirmingham, England

“As I get older I think of simpler times, but there is no going back. I find my peace these days only in Jesus and knowing the truth that you present in your broadcast and that is what God wants for us. Bless you. I keep listening.”

Ana RodriguezMexico City

“Good solid discussions are always important to me in understanding the will of the Lord in our lives. Your program is thought-provoking and really and truly helpful to me and my family. Bless you and all concerned!”

Kelly Myers

“I am glad we have the GlobaSat unit because it bring us your program every week. I like to hear the people you talk with and I know it is going always to be interesting. My famili and I like to listen to this channel and you program is very good. Thank you.”

Maria SanchezMadrid, Spain

“I don’t think being stupid is what God had in mind for us. He wants us to be smart and to know about our world and our place in it as he has prescribed. I like listening to your broadcast because you help me to achieve that knowledge.”

Betty FloydAnaheim, CA

“I was not very good in school, but since those days, I have realized how important information is and knowledge of how we should be living in God’s word is tops on my list. Your ministry’s program is excellent and I enjoy listening every week.”

T.J. SimmsMontreal, Canada

You always have an interesting program. I am liking to listen to you with my family. This is a blessing to us.

Mario SanchezSantiago, Chile