Scripture Awakening is a ministry designed to equip pastors and congregations to feed deeply on the riches of scripture, to apply spiritual truths to their daily lives, and to extend these truths to impact the world around them. Through a variety of online, printed, and broadcast resources, we intend to strengthen church-based discipleship.

Featured Products

B90 is an individual and group-oriented reading plan to help people read through their Bibles from cover-to-cover in 90 days.

BNEXT Bible Studies include small group study, and personal devotions. They fit any church of any size and denomination.
BEYOND Resources offer multiple channels to reinforce Bible reading and study with
accessible and practical tools.

A Vision on Fire.

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On Wednesday, November 6th we presented our long-range ministry plan: "A Vision on Fire." To receive an electronic copy please share your contact information and we will be glad to forward the .pdf document to you.