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Scripture Awakening Internships

With funding in hand for three interns ($3,000 each) – Scripture Awakening has recruited three who are working their way through the Bible in 90 Days curriculum with David Winkle, SA’s Ministry Outreach Coordinator. The interns are located in Hendersonville, NC and are students at Fruitland Baptist Bible College. We have our weekly meetings on the campus. The current interns will complete B90 on August 31 — beginning their visits shortly thereafter.

Review of the Intent and Benefits of the SA Internship Program

  • To duplicate, as far as possible, the method of expansion utilized by Ted Cooper Jr. when he first began Bible in 90 Days. Ted personally visited congregations and pastors sharing his personal testimony and showing how B90 could work in their congregations.
  • MAKE B90 KNOWN (marketing tool) and expand the footprint of B90 by having face to face sharing of personal testimonies with clergy and other church leaders.
  • Introduce B90 to a rising generation of future church leaders, who will understand B90 and other SA ministries.
  • Help equip young men and women for Biblically based Christian leadership for the whole Church.
  • Combat the rising tide of Biblical Illiteracy in the Millennial Generation.


  • Interns are engaged for one year, the first 90 days of which are spent in actually reading through the Bible in 90 Days.
  • Following their completion of B90, they will become the “boots on the ground” for SA. They will make two contacts per week, with at least one being face to face with a church decision maker. They are not sent out as Bible salesmen, but rather as ambassadors who share their personal B90 testimony.
  • While they are not attempting to sell, they will share the features and benefits of B90 for individuals, small groups, and entire congregations.
  • The office will gather the information from their visits for follow-up. These leaders will also be invited to a B90 gathering with Bill Campbell.
  • The interns are trained and supervised by the Ministry Outreach Coordinator.

Vision and Potential for Houston and Beyond

This internship program should be duplicated in Houston. The interns can be engaged for a stipend of $3,000 each, and there are numerous theological schools in the area willing to participate. Until a Ministry Outreach Coordinator is vetted and hired in Houston, the interns could be trained and supervised from Hendersonville, via Zoom and personal visits.

The Houston Ministry Outreach Coordinator could initially be a part-time position (perhaps $30,000 annually). With 3 interns — this would place 4 sets of boots on the ground for less than $40,000. The Ministry Outreach Coordinator could be either a bi-vocational pastor or a retired pastor, who could work part-time, as all administrative work is handled by the Hendersonville office.

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