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Friends of Scripture Awakening

The individuals and organizations listed below have chosen to share reciprocal website links in a show of mutual support for Scripture Awakening and their ministry. The purpose of becoming a Friend of Scripture Awakening is to form relationships, build mutually beneficial network connections, promote each other’s ministries, share our stories, and the services/resources offered by each individual/ministry. All of this comes under the call and mandate to advance the Kingdom of God, make disciples through the transforming power of God’s Spirit and Word. If you are interested in becoming a “Friend of Scripture Awakening”, please contact us.


  • Build connections
  • Network
  • Promote each others ministries
  • Outreach
  • Form relationships
  • Build small groups
  • Grow ministries
  • Sharing our stories, testimonies
  • Sharing resources
  • Advance His Kingdom
  • Call & Mandate: To Make Disciples, All Nations, Teach, Obey His Commands
  • Transforming Power of READ | STUDY | LIVE


  • Share links on website
  • Share resources
  • Joint activities, etc.

His Father’s Heart Ministries

The mission of His Father’s Heart Ministries is to reach out to our brothers and sisters who are brokenhearted. We help ex-offenders break their cycles of destructive behavior. Our goal is to reach the greatest number of ex-offenders who are at risk for re-arrest, drug abuse, spousal abuse, and other common issues faced by this population. Our ministries are located in the neighborhoods in which they live for accessibility, convenience and transportation as these are important issues for those we serve. View Website