Scope & Sequence

Summary: BNEXT Bible Studies reach wide from Genesis to Revelation with flyovers of the New and Old Testaments. Extended studies also allow students to dig deep into the truths of major sections too. Here you’ll see a summary of our scope and sequence for the BNEXT studies.


BNEXT studies are broken down into five categories:

  1. Old Testament Overview Series provides an overview of the books and concepts of the Old Testament in the sequential order of the Old Testament books.
  2. New Testament Overview Series is similar to the Old Testament Overview Series in that it provides a concise synopsis of the New Testament. It is intended to be used taking the studies in order from the Gospels to Revelation.
  3. Old Testament Book Series can be used when you want more in-depth study of Old Testament books for your group or your church.
  4. New Testament Book Series is also created so your group or church can dig deeper into the books of the New Testament.
  5. Topical Study Series delves into topics like the Apostle’s Creed, The Fruit of the Spirit, and Disciplines for Christian Growth.

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