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The B90 experience is an immersive, group-based, and fast paced cover-to-cover read through the Bible.

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  • Bible in 90 Days Bible

    Bible in 90 Days Bible (softcover)


    “When I study the Bible, I prepare myself to talk to others. When I read the Bible, God talks to me.” — D. L. Moody

    Read the Bible in ninety days. It’s easier than you thought! Once you break it down into bite-sized pieces, what may have seemed to be a formidable challenge becomes doable and enjoyable. And this specially designed Bible will help you get the most out of your experience. Use it in conjunction with The Bible in 90 Days curriculum for all the benefits of sharing God’s Word in community, or use it by yourself. Either way, you’ll be fulfilling what for many Christians is a longstanding ambition: reading through the entire Bible.


    • Special Edition of the 2011 NIV Bible — the field-tested format for individuals and classes.
    • Start and end markers help you know where to begin each day’s reading.
    • Insights and encouragement from Ted Cooper, founder of The Bible in 90 Days program. And more!
    • Larger print size. Easy to carry. Thinline format transports easily in your briefcase or purse.
    • Coordinates with The Bible in 90 Days curriculum.

    Join others in discovering the meaning and power of God’s word in community. Or read it by yourself without the curriculum.

  • B90 Bundle

    B90 Bundle



    The B90 Bundle Includes

    NIV Bible in 90 Days Bible
    B90 Participant’s Guide
    B90 Leader’s Guide with 3 Teaching DVDs

  • B90 Participant's Guide 2015

    B90 Participant’s Guide 2015


    The Bible in 90 Days Participant’s Guide (PG) 2015 includes one chapter for each week of study. Features include book overviews, personal progress charts, room to journal, questions for reflection, and questions for small group discussion. One Participant’s Guide for each participant is recommended.  Note: The 2015 PG has been reformatted to match the updated 90-day reading plan in the new B90 softcover Bible.

  • B90 Bible & Participant's Guide

    Bible in 90 Days Bible plus B90 Participant’s Guide




  • B90 Leader's Guide & DVDs

    B90 DVD Set with Leader’s Guide


    This Bible in 90 Days DVD set with Leader’s Guide will equip and empower you to lead a group of committed Bible readers through The Bible in 90 Days program. As you take each session step-by-step, you’ll be facilitating what for most people will be the goal of a lifetime: to read the Bible cover to cover. Your task in this is vitally important, as studies have shown that bringing Bible in 90 Days participants to group sessions dramatically improves their chances of completing the goal of reading the Bible cover to cover. This DVD set gives you everything you need to lead participants through the fourteen session of this program. It includes:

    * B90 Leader’s Guide: a 62-page guide filled with helpful tips on small group management and clear and practical instructions for leading each meeting
    * 3 DVD’s that include 2 complete sets of video teaching sessions

    The B90 DVD set with Leader’s Guide is best used with the B90 Bible and B90 Participant’s Guide (both sold separately).

  • Essential Bible Companion

    The Essential Bible Companion



    Essential Bible Companion gives you what it promises: the essentials. The most vital, absolutely indispensable information you need for reading and truly understanding God’s Word. Developed by two world-class Bible scholars and the creator of The Bible in 90 Days curriculum, this unique, easy-to-use reference guide gives you clear, crisp insights into the Bible book by book. From Genesis to Revelation, each book of the Bible has its key details laid out for you clearly and engagingly in a colorful two-page spread that includes * background information * timelines * important biblical characters.  Striking a balance between too little and too much information — between the brief introductions provided in a Bible and the potentially overwhelming detail of a standard reference handbook — this well-designed, extremely helpful volume condenses the most important information in a highly visual, easy-to-understand format.  Ideal for use as a companion to The Bible in 90 Days curriculum, The Essential Bible Companion is also a valuable resource for any Bible study. However you use it, this richly informative volume will assist you on your journey toward a well-grounded biblical faith.