B90 for Prisons

B90 for Prisons


The Bible in 90 Days has enjoyed some success in prisons. But there is so much more that we want to do — and it can be done! 

• Hope
for the prisoner. The Bible is powerful, life-changing, and eternal. Nothing is more liberating and transformational for the mind than the Word of God.

• Reading the whole Bible. Prisons offer a variety of activities for inmates. Yet what can bring more redemptive wholeness to prisoners than reading the Scriptures?

• It’s group-oriented. B90 enjoys a high success (completion) rate when done in a group, which is how most prison activities are organized. Just as B90 is effective within families, so it is among the general prison population.

• Softcover. Prisons do not allow hardcover books. That’s a key reason we decided to keep all B90 Bibles and materials now — and in the future — in softcover format.

PrisonFellowship_RGB_FLB90 is strictly a nonprofit endeavor for us. We must partner with established churches and prison ministries to make B90 available to inmates. Typically, most prison ministries are sorely under-funded. When funds are available, we have directed B90 materials to Prison Fellowship. We must have generous donations in order to make B90 materials available for free to give to such ministries and churches. Like to help? Then please make a donation today.

Finally, here is a helpful B90 article which details best practices for using The Bible in 90 Days in prisons.