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Your Part in the Scripture Awakening

Great moves of God have spawned awakenings through world history. We may generally note seven great waves of revival from the time of the First Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s to our day. Significantly, those that have made the deepest and most lasting impact were those, like the First Great Awakening, that were marked by a strong focus on Scripture. Without God’s Word as our rudder, the ship of the Church sails quickly into stormy waters and becomes lost in the sea of cultural confusion.

The aim of Scripture Awakening is to “Awaken the world to the power of God’s Word.” To put it more simply we are calling and equipping people to once again read, study, and live Scripture. We are engaging whole churches around the country to do the same. But we cannot do this without a groundswell of active participation. More specifically, I’m asking you to do your part. You can:

Pray. God moves through the prayers of His people. We just released our August Prayer Letter.

Engage. If you’ve not recently read through the Bible cover-to-cover, consider joining us on September 12 when we engage in a national launch of a new group going through B90+.

Give. If you are led, consider making a financial gift to help us develop our app—a critical component to expanding this ministry to the younger generations. We have a team ready to develop the app, and only need funding; it will require a website update as well. The total estimated cost is $40,000. This is a comprehensive project that will advance our entire ministry to a new level. Donate Now

Thank you for your important part in the fostering of a Scripture-based awakening throughout the land,

Bill Campbell
Founder & Director • Scripture Awakening