Rescuing Heroes


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In the book of Joshua, we can find courage. Even as God repeated the command to “be strong and courageous” to Joshua, a study of the book of Joshua can help us do the same. This lesson covers the spies report, the people’s crossing of the Jordan, their covenant with God, the battles faced at Jericho and Ai, Achan’s sin, the Gibeonite’s trick, and the kingdoms defeated. The word Judge means “deliverer,” of which Israel needed many. This lesson gives an overview of the 12 judges who led God’s people into freedom from their bondage and from their own folly. Judges portrays a clear picture of the cycles of sin, suffering, sorrow, and salvation that marked this time period in Israel’s history. Special focus is given to the life of Othniel. In the same way he was equipped by the Spirit of God, we too can draw on God’s help to point others to our Great Deliverer, Jesus Christ. The four short chapters of Ruth are an inspired story that foreshadow our Redeemer. Ruth’s love and sacrificial commitment to her mother-in-law is brought full circle as Ruth herself reaps the love and grace of Boaz. This lesson shows the need, the Person, the transaction, and the transformation played out in the prototypical lives of Ruth and Boaz, who represent the Church-Bride and Christ-Bridegroom. The Ark of the Covenant was taken from God’s people. Could they still experience the presence of God? In this study, we are faced personally with the question of what matters more: form or substance? The Israelites had once put their hope in the Lord but had lost perspective and replaced Him with an object of worship. Do we do the same in our worship services? 1 Samuel provides fresh insights by reminding us of a prophet who brought glory to God, of King Saul who strove to get glory for himself, and of David who sought God’s glory. We can learn from each of their examples. In 2 Samuel, we learn about honor through David, who earnestly desired to show the kindness of God to Saul’s family because of his covenant love and friendship with Jonathan. Mephibosheth feared he would lose his life under a king’s wrath, and instead is shown honor as he is esteemed and brought into the king’s house for the rest of his life. Likewise, we now share in the honor of being God’s children by the inheritance we have gained in His Son Jesus. Are we inviting others into this position of honor?