Brighten Your Light: ePDF + Video


The PDF version of Brighten Your Light from our Amazing Journey series including online videos.


The book of Revelation is seen by some people as the most cryptic and confusing book in the Bible. In reality, when we draw insights from the Biblical foundation on which Revelation rests, it opens before us brilliantly, revealing the purpose, person, and promise of our God. In it, the person of Christ is unveiled more than in any other part of the Bible. John who intimately knew Jesus before as his teacher and guide, now reveals our Lord as the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah, displayed in majestic glory. John writes that we might believe, know, and even see this Christ for ourselves. The blessing promised for those who listen to his words await every eager student. We don’t appreciate scrolls much today, as our books are in codex form. But the scroll discovered in this lesson contains the plans of God and the secrets of the saved. It is important! In the same way, we may not understand the significance of numbers in the Bible. Yet numbers provide a key for unlocking the meaning of the book of Revelations. The very symbols and numbers that many find perplexing in this book become pieces of the puzzle that fit together for our understanding and spiritual growth. In this lesson, we learn more about God’s future plans for us and how to live with greater confidence today. The end of this last book in the Bible is the beginning of the greatest love story ever told. Christ will come for His Bride! The wedding to surpass all weddings will occur with an eternal celebration with it. The greatest separation in eternity will occur, giving rise to heaven and hell. The most perfect home will appear, along with a new heaven and a new earth. And, above all, God will dwell with us. Sin will be no more. Pain will be vanquished. Night will become day, and every curse turned into blessing. The last chapter of God’s Word opens the first chapter of an eternity richer with joy and fulfillment than our minds can possibly comprehend.