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King James Version B90 Project

Scripture Awakening has a few significant projects in the works. One that we’d like you to know about is our KJV B90 Bible project. Did you know that the King James Bible is still the most popular and read version of the Scriptures in America?

That’s why our staff has spent months formatting a special edition of the KJV to bring into our B90 line of resources. This is a reader’s version of the KJV. We have combined the separate verses into paragraph format. We set the type in a larger, more legible font. We have chosen a smooth, light cream-colored Bible paper, which is much easier on the eyes. There are no chapter titles, footnotes, nor any other typographical distractions from the Scripture itself. Just the complete text of the of the authorized KJV. We believe the cover design is inviting, and have almost finalized the interior finishing touches.

And it’s almost ready. Here are a few benefits of this upcoming B90 Bible:

  • This is a special reader’s edition of the KJV Bible, still the most preferred and read translation in history.
  • Start/End Markers indicate where to begin and end each day’s reading.
  • Features answers to frequently asked questions about the B90 program, with an encouraging article from Ted Cooper, founder of The Bible in 90 Days™.
  • Cream paper and superior font legibility makes reading easy on the eyes.
  • Slim softcover format fits easily in your backpack, briefcase or purse.

While we are quite excited to bring this new B90 Bible to the public, we do not have the finances needed for the first print run. We estimate the cost for the initial printing of 2,000 softcover Bibles to be $14,000.

Simply, we need your help. We invite you to invest in printing this highly requested reader’s version of the KJV. Please help us bring this B90 Bible to new readers (and one for yourself after they’re printed). Using the form below, select “KJV B90 Project” and send a secure, online gift today. And know that your donation for this project is fully tax deductible. Thank you!

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