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Fragrance of Simplicity

Yep, there’s a special fragrance to the art of simplicity.

Catching a whiff of freshly baked bread as I strolled by a corner bakery took me back in time to a simpler way of life. It reminded me of being a child enjoying the comforts of my grandmother’s kitchen. Days were uncomplicated and relationships were priority. My life was low-key and oh so enjoyable. I’m determining right now during this first month of 2018, to dial it back a bit and enjoy a simple new beginning. I offer the following “Cindi Reminders” in hopes you’ll join me.

People Are Most Important

Relationship growing within your family is more valuable than getting your kids involved in a surplus of activities. There are wonderful benefits to athletics, disciplines of art and music, etc; but getting to know your children by spending time with them in conversation and experiences does more to build their self-worth and character than getting them “signed up and busy”. Certainly, activities teaching social and team-building skills are important. . . but don’t lose sight of how equally important it is to simply have time together.

Children grown and gone? People are still priority! Look around you for ways to grow relationships. I’m focusing more these days on simply spending time in conversation with those God puts on my heart.

Saying No Is A Big Yes

A busy friend reminded me last week that I’d once reminded her that it’s okay to say “NO”. God does not want you to do EVERYTHING, only those things He’s calling you to do. Ask Him, and He’ll let you know.

Simply Love Jesus

Relax and enjoy your time with The One who “gets you” and enjoys your presence. Savor moments in scripture study and conversation with Him. Let being with Him become the priority of your day, your life. Don’t make it hard. Simply enjoy Him and allow Him to teach you the “freshness of simplicity”.

Just as the aroma of freshly baked bread triggered thoughts of a simpler lifestyle, the fragrance that flows from your “spirit of simplicity” to others will help them catch a whiff of the gentle, peaceful joy of Jesus!

As far as God is concerned there is a sweet, wholesome fragrance of Christ within us, an aroma to both the saved and the unsaved all around us. (2 Corinthians 2:15 TLB)