Over the last decade, B90 has impacted over a quarter million people worldwide.

The Bible in 90 Days (B90) is a group-oriented Bible reading curriculum, which helps people read through the entire Bible in 90 days. Churches across denominations, prisons, drug rehabilitation missions, corporate Bible studies and neighborhood small groups have all used the curriculum successfully. Even small towns have invited their citizens to do B90. Groups have ranged from 2 people to 1,000 people in 50 states and 21 countries spanning 5 continents!

B90 is like binge-watching the greatest story ever told!

— Michael Shotwell • B90 Intern

B90 Traditional

Traditional means printed B90 materials: the NIV Bible, Participant’s and Leader’s Guides with DVD videos. Read about our B90 focus groups below.

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B90+ Digital

Digital means the B90+ email automation series, which includes our B90+ GuideBook, and the Essential Snapshot streaming video teaching series.

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B90+ Book

NEW! You asked. We listened. The B90+ Book is the print version of our B90+ email series, with many significant extras. We believe you’re gonna love it!

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B90 Products

Bible in 90 Days (traditional) is the print version of integrated resources that are field-tested, proven effective in increasing Biblical literacy, and work great in small groups or Sunday school classes.

“Transformed.” That’s the word many Bible in 90 Days participants use to describe their B90 experience.

B90 is a group-oriented, Bible reading program that engages people in a 90-day, cover-to-cover reading of the Bible. A specially formatted Bible, DVD teaching sessions, and group accountability make it a life-changing experience. While B90 is effective for anyone, we focus on reaching churches because that is where we’ve seen both the need AND the greatest success!

About B90 - 90% of Christians have never read through the entire Bible.Biblical illiteracy is rampant. A 2004 Gallup survey found that only 37% of teenagers could identify a quote from the “Sermon on the Mount.” A 2007 TIME magazine cover story reported that only half of U.S. adults were able to name one of the Gospels. You might think the Church would have solutions. Think again. Neglect of God’s Word is so widespread that a whopping 90% of Christians have never read through the entire Bible!

While a majority of Americans claim to be Christian, only 10% have actually read the Bible from cover-to-cover. The life-giving power of Scripture is missing from Christians in general. Too spiritually weak to stand against worldly temptations, they fail to follow Biblical norms for holy and happy living. The result? Failed marriages, fractured families, and church leaders struggling to fix this mess … but they simply cannot keep up with it all.

The Bible in 90 Days is a great starting point to inspire Biblical literacy among Christians. Here are just a few of the benefits of the B90 experience:

    1. A deepened relationship with God.
    2. It’s a Bible reading program, not a study: no doctrinal controversies.
    3. Gain Biblical knowledge and understanding that builds confidence and faith.
    4. It’s 90 days (not a year), which helps participants remember to connect key historical persons, events, and more from Genesis to Revelation.
    5. B90 groups build relationships, which contributes to a higher success rate of completing the readings.
    6. Transformational: it’s God’s Word!
    7. Affordable: Under $20 for B90 printed Bible/Guide combo.
    8. Free Promo Tools!

Do you want to grow deeper in your faith? Do you want the Kingdom of God to flourish in your community through the ministry of your church? Do you want to see your church grow, give, and serve with more enthusiasm and effectiveness? Start with the Bible in 90 Days — you will be blessed!

— Pastor Ruffin SteppPalms West Presbyterian Church, FL

There are compelling benefits when integrating B90 with your small groups, church, or in your home.

The Bible in 90 Days Bible is currently offered in the NIV version. The companion Participant’s Guide and Leader’s Guide with DVDs are highly recommended to obtain the full benefit of B90. We believe that B90 is best suited for ages 12 and older because the reading takes about 45-60 minutes a day, but as the parent you know best your children’s abilities.

It’s God’s Word: “Blessed are those who listen to Me, watching daily at My doors, waiting at My doorway. Give us this day our daily bread” (Proverbs 8:34, Luke 11:3).

It’s a Bible reading program, not a study. B90 is free of any denominational emphasis, narrow interpretations or pet theological controversies; it’s strictly a straight reading of Scripture, nothing more.

It’s 90 days: B90 neatly fits into a quarterly calendar schedule (3 months) and can be completed within that timeframe.

It’s flexible: you can start B90 anytime of the year that you desire; you’re free to choose when B90 would be best suited for your class and schedule.

It’s transformational: the Bible is powerful, life-changing, and eternal. Nothing is more effective at renewing the mind than the Word of God.

It’s memorable: reading the whole Bible within 90 days provides a sweeping panoramic view of Biblical history; you will more readily remember and connect key historical events of Genesis to Israel’s history, to the Prophets, to the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life.

It’s group-oriented: B90 enjoys a high success (completion) rate when done in a group. It will be most effective when done together as a family, with a group of families, or even within your entire church community.

It’s affordable: save $5 when purchasing the B90 Bible and Participant’s Guide together at just $19.99.

Lots of Promotional Tools: we’ve designed a variety of customizable free resources to augment the B90 experience: B90 bookmark/reading schedule, flyers, posters, B90 logos, social media images, and even B90 completion certificates to celebrate when you finish B90 together. You’re welcome! See B90 Freebies

I read the Bible in 90 days when I was in medical school — arguably one of the life situations that requires you to be reading at almost every minute of the day. A Sunday school course was offered that would bring me alongside other worshippers who were pursuing the same goal. I had read the Bible the whole way through once before — although I think it took me all of about 3 years in bits and pieces. Thirty minutes a day (at least!) sounded daunting considering I had a list a mile long of things that I needed to read for thirty minutes a day: anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, amino acids, diseases, pathophysiology, etc., etc… but the Bible won out. It took me a week or two in to realize that it won out, but I can guarantee you that it always wins.

— Tiffany Lin

The Bible in 90 Days is a perfect fit for Homeschools.

Many think that reading the entire Bible in 90 days is just too much. Actually, it’s not. Our Bible in 90 Days curriculum makes what feels like an impossible task both doable and enjoyable. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have done it—and so can you. All you need is a plan…and our B90 program works…

We have a lot more to share about using Bible in 90 Days in Homeschools, so we’ve created a dedicated page highlighting the B90 curriculum we believe will best serve you and your family. Click the button below to get complete details.

B90 for Homeschools

As of 2022, 21 countries around the world have Spanish as their official language, and it’s quickly rising.

Our current estimated world population is over 8 billion. According to Spain’s Cervantes Institute, about 8% of the world’s population speak Spanish. Of that 8%, over 487 million people are native Spanish speakers. Over 57 million live right here in the U.S. Hispanics honor and practice strong family connections, and are traditionally Bible friendly. Among English-speakers, over 250,000 people have used B90. Visualize the impact for Christ’s kingdom once we can offer B90 in Spanish!

Scripture Awakening is not only convinced of the need to bring B90 to the Hispanic world, we believe we’re called to do so. But it must be done right.

We’re excited to announce that work on a Spanish translation of our B90+ series is well underway. After securing the expertise of a bilingual translator in Spain, we project that the first phase of B90+ Spanish will be available in 2024. So we need individuals, churches, foundations, and more to invest in this work. It’s a huge undertaking. Like to help? Then please make a generous donation today.

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The Bible in 90 Days has enjoyed some success in prisons—yet there is so much more that can be done!

B90 is strictly a nonprofit endeavor for us. We partner with established churches and prison ministries to make B90 available to inmates. Typically, most prison ministries are sorely under-funded. When funds are available, we have directed B90 materials to Prison Fellowship. We must have generous donations in order to make B90 materials available for free to give to such ministries and churches. Like to help? Then please make a donation today.

  1. Hope for the prisoner. The Bible is powerful, life-changing, and eternal. Nothing is more liberating and transformational for the mind than the Word of God.
  2. Reading the whole Bible. Prisons offer a variety of activities for inmates. Yet what can bring more redemptive wholeness to prisoners than reading the Scriptures?
  3. It’s group-oriented. B90 enjoys a high success (completion) rate when done in a group, which is how most prison activities are organized. Just as B90 is effective within families, so it is among the general prison population.
  4. Softcover. Prisons do not allow hardcover books. That’s a key reason we decided to keep all B90 Bibles and materials now — and in the future — in softcover format.

B90 Prison Impact

In 2017 we launched a B90 Prison Initiative. We were amazed at the rapid response from several prisons for the B90 materials. Hunger for God’s Word among prisoners has increased in America. Men and women are experiencing genuine heart-change and new purpose for their lives by simply reading through the Bible, because God reveals Himself through His written Word.

For two years Scripture Awakening was given grant monies for prisons and transitional ministries in Texas. God has opened numerous doors, presenting us with opportunities to reach inmates for Christ Jesus. We began B90 classes in 19 prisons in the state of Texas alone—with hope for more to come!

B90 Prison Initiative Stats

In 2017 alone, grants, along with foundation and individual gifts, have provided B90 materials to these state prisons, jails and transitional prison ministries:

  • Carol Vance Unit: 306 men
  • CT Terrell Unit: 200 men
  • Joe Kegan State Jail: 100 men
  • John M. Wynne Unit: 40 men
  • His Father’s Heart: 30 men
  • Portal Houston: 40 women
  • Lowel Correctional Institution: 30 women

In 2018, these are the prisons in Texas (except where noted) where B90 classes are current or completed:

  • George Beto Unit: 100 men
  • Coffield Unit: 150 men
  • CT Terrell Unit: 140 men
  • Darrington Unit: 142 men
  • Gospel Echos Team (Saskatchewan, Canada): 20 men

Scripture Awakening hopes for additional opportunities to supply Texas prisons with B90 materials. Please pray as we reach out to more prisons will respond and accept the B90 curriculum at no charge to them. Thank you!