Using BNEXT with Sermons

Summary: Studies are designed for a pastor’s pulpit ministry to augment and compliment small groups. With this pairing, people can bring their thoughts or questions from a Sunday sermon, dig for solid answers as they study, and reflect on what they’re learning within their small group.


BNEXT is distinctive and unique. No other ministry provides such a large catalog of resources designed to connect sermons, personal study, and small groups consistently and congregation-wide.

  • The pastor chooses what series to study and preach from a large and growing catalogue of BNEXT material.
  • Church members receive a BNEXT study guide each Sunday as a handout or bulletin insert for their personal study. (Most churches hand out the BNEXT studies on the day of the related sermon. Some chose to hand them out the week prior to that sermon).
  • Small groups use the BNEXT study guide.

BNEXT studies are plug-and-play for churches or groups that have experience leading small group Bible studies in their context. However, not every church who wants to lead a small group ministry has experience leading one – or starting one from scratch. With that in mind, there are multiple training and leadership tools we offer as free downloads:

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