Starting a BNEXT Study Group

Summary: Not every church has a small groups ministry, and not every church that has a small groups ministry has a healthy one. We have tools to help churches start from scratch or start anew to refresh their small group efforts.


These simple steps can help you as you begin using BNEXT in your church:

  1. Pastor explores the use of BNEXT with church leadership for the purpose of a mutual shared commitment.
  2. Inventory existing small groups and invite their participation in the BNEXT study series.
  3. Form a BNEXT small group leadership team to supervise recruiting and coordinating BNEXT small groups.
  4. Pastor/leadership sets a goal for total number of groups and begins recruiting small group leaders for new BNEXT groups.
  5. Train small group leaders using BNEXT Small Group Leaders’ Training material.
  6. Announce BNEXT to entire congregation using public announcements and bulletin inserts.
  7. Small group coordinating team begins recruiting for small groups and assigns them to BNEXT small groups.
  8. BNEXT study handed out as a bulletin insert* or made available as people exit the service the Sunday the related sermon is preached (alternately, some churches prefer to handout the BNEXT studies the week before the related sermon is preached).

(*Even those who aren’t in small groups can benefit from using BNEXT.)

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