Old Testament Overview

The BNEXT Old Testament Overview Series offers a flyover of the major sections of the Old Testament. Together, they can be completed in a total of 32 lessons or weeks. Taught in tandem with a pastor’s preaching series or as a free-standing curriculum, these series will increase biblical literacy, strengthen theological foundations, and build community.

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  • beginning

    In The Beginning

    3 Week Series

    Genesis is foundational to the rest of the Bible. Take away Genesis and the rest of the Bible has no support on which to rest. The future is explained by the past, and the end by the beginnings. The New Testament and all of its doctrine are grounded in Genesis. There are some two hundred quotations and illustrations from Genesis in the New Testament. In fact, every one of the chapters of Genesis is alluded to somewhere in the New Testament.

    1. God’s Patience: Genesis 1-11
    2. God’s Promises: Genesis 12-22
    3. God’s Purpose: Genesis 23-50

  • will

    How to Know God’s Will

    5 Week Series

    Leviticus contains guidelines on how God’s people were to live together (childhood). Numbers recounts how God’s people wandered (adolescence). Deuteronomy summarizes how God’s people were to succeed in Canaan with God’s blessing (adulthood).

    1. How God Leads I: Exodus 1-20
    2. How God Leads II: Exodus 21-40
    3. What God Wants: Leviticus 1-27
    4. Whom God Blesses: Numbers 1-36
    5. How God Blesses: Deuteronomy 1-34

  • rescuing

    Rescuing Heroes – Israel’s History

    5 Week Series

    Israel’s History: An overview of Israel’s post-exodus era, highlighting the lives of men and women who were rescuing heroes, starting with Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and finally Samuel, Israel’s last judge before God establishes kings to rule His people and the golden era of Israel’s history.

    1. His Victory, Your Victory: Joshua 1-24
    2. His Strength, Your Salvation: Judges 1-21
    3. His Love, Your Life: Ruth 1-4
    4. His Lordship, Your Leadership: 1 Samuel 1-31
    5. His Troubles, His Triumph: 2 Samuel 1-24

  • reigning

    Reigning Heroes – Israel’s History

    6 Week Series

    Israel’s History: Covering centuries of Israel’s history, from her glories to her miserable decline, these pages from the past give us pause to remember and reflect about the certain rewards of obedience, the dreadful consequences of rebellion, and dramatic life-lessons on how we need to live as God’s people today.

    1. His Warnings, Your Wisdom: 1 Kings 1-22
    2. His Word, Your Way: 2 Kings 1-25
    3. His Review, Your Reward: 1 and 2 Chronicles
    4. His Sanctification, Your Separation: Ezra 1-10
    5. His Church, Your Challenge: Nehemiah
    6. His Time, Your Triumph: Esther

  • poetry

    Lessons for Life – Books of Poetry

    5 Week Series

    Books of Poetry: Scripture’s five books of poetry, which cover the depths of great human suffering to the ultimate love-union of being one with God. In between, the books of Psalms (praise and worship) and the wisdom embodied in Proverbs, the various authors provide a vast and wonderful spectrum of life in the Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

    1. Tested for Life: Job 1-42
    2. Praises for Life: Psalms 1-150
    3. Wisdom for Life: Proverbs 1- 31
    4. Purpose for Life: Ecclesiastes 1-12
    5. Love for Life: Song of Songs 1-8

  • suffering

    God’s Sovereignty in Your Suffering – Major Prophets

    5 Week Series

    Isaiah: Judgment upon sin, and comfort and hope for exiles. Jeremiah: Declared judgments and laments of Judah’s destruction, with a vision of a coming new and better covenant. Ezekiel: Prophetic messages of condemnation for sin, followed by certain hope of restored worship in the Temple. Daniel: Apocalyptic events and visions where God rules and prevails over nations to achieve ultimate victory for His saints.

    1. God’s Comfort in Your Crisis: Isaiah 1-66
    2. God’s Sorrow in Your Suffering: Jeremiah 1-52
    3. God’s Hope in your Hopelessness: Lamentations 1-5
    4. God’s Strength in Your Servitude: Ezekiel 1-48
    5. God’s Sovereignty in Your Suffering: Daniel 1-12

  • attributes

    God’s Attributes in Focus – Minor Prophets

    3 Week Series

    A “before during and after” perspective of the exile of God’s people. A treasure chest of spiritual insights filled with practical wisdom for our times from our unchanging God.  Examine how God — whose infinitely holy character — responds to the ever-changing condition of His sinful people with words of warning, comfort, and love.

    1. Before the Exile: Hosea, Joel, Amos
    2. During the Exile: Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah
    3. After the Exile: Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi