New Testament Overview

The BNEXT New Testament Overview Series offers a flyover of the major sections of the New Testament, from the Gospels to Revelation. Together, they can be completed in a total of 29 lessons or weeks. Taught in tandem with a pastor’s preaching series or as a free-standing curriculum, these series will increase biblical literacy, strengthen theological foundations, and build community.

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  • gospels

    God’s Good News – The Gospels

    4 Week Series

    The story of Jesus is so important that only one account of His life would not seem to be enough. Just as there are four points on a compass and four seasons to a complete year, it took four accounts to give us a complete picture of the life of Christ. Matthew portrays Jesus as King, Mark reveals Jesus as a Servant, Luke upholds Jesus as the Son of Man, and John demonstrates Christ to be the Son of God.

    1. Jesus is The King: Matthew 1-28
    2. Jesus is the Servant: Mark 1-16
    3. Jesus is the Son of Man: Luke 1-24
    4. Jesus is the Son of God: John 1-21

  • acts

    The Acts of the Holy Spirit – The Early Church

    2 Week Series

    Acts provides the bridge between the ministry of Jesus Christ and the letters of the Apostles. As is suggested by the title, Acts is a book about what God accomplished through these early believers. It is a book of action more than a book of doctrine, as the Holy Spirit works through the Apostles to spread the Gospel message and establish the Church.

    1. The Acts of the Holy Spirit: Acts 1-12
    2. To the Ends of the Earth: Acts 13-28

  • letters1

    Life Changing Letters 1 – Letters of Paul

    8 Week Series

    More than half of the 21 letters in the New Testament were written by Paul. Paul was given incredible revelations and passed them on to the young Church from Romans to Colossians. Romans lays out the message of hope proclaimed by the Church. The letters to Corinth address general problems that arose in the Church. Galatians strikes at the heart of the most deadly problem: confusion about the Gospel of grace. Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians describe the Triumph of Christ for and through the Church.

    1. Salvation Explained: Romans 1-8
    2. Salvation Applied: Romans 9-16
    3. Paul’s Guidance for Confused Christians: 1 Corinthians
    4. Paul’s Example for Wayward Christians: 2 Corinthians
    5. The Gospel of Liberty: Galatians
    6. The Triumphant Church: Ephesians
    7. The Triumphant Christian: Philippians
    8. The Triumphant Christ: Colossians

  • letters2

    Life Changing Letters 2 – Letters of Paul

    5 Week Series

    What grander theme could possibly follow the building sense of God’s victorious work, as seen in these New Testament books, than the wonderful prospect of our Lord’s return? His appearing will usher in the consummation of our salvation. Christ will come to claim His own as a visible confirmation of all that God has planned and promised through the ages.

    1. The Day of the Lord: 1 Thessalonians
    2. Preparation for That Day: 2 Thessalonians
    3. A Church Instruction Manual: 1 Timothy
    4. A Call to Faithfulness: 2 Timothy
    5. Free to Serve: Titus & Philemon

  • letters3

    Life Changing Letters 3 – General Letters

    7 Week Series

    Unlike the majority of Paul’s letters written to specific churches, most of the recipients of these eight letters were either churches that covered a large geographic area or are all Christians. In general, James and 1 Peter call believers to a holy walk with the Savior. Second Peter and Jude warn believers against the presence of false teachers and call them to contend for the faith. Hebrews and John’s letters primarily call Christians to abide in Christ as God’s final revelation.

    1. A Better Way, Part 1: Hebrews 1-7
    2. A Better Way, Part 2: Hebrews 8-11
    3. Genuine Christianity: James
    4. Our Strong Hope: 1 Peter
    5. Our Solid Faith: 2 Peter
    6. Walking with God: 1, 2, 3 John
    7. Contend for the Faith: Jude

  • brighten

    Brighten Your Light – The Revelation of Jesus Christ

    3 Week Series

    The word Revelation means “unveiling.” The book of Revelation unveils the person and purpose of God. Using vivid imagery and Biblical symbolism, John composed this great closing book of the New Testament as apocalyptic literature, much like the book of Daniel in the Old Testament.

    1. Seeing God’s Passion: Revelation 1-3
    2. Understanding God’s Judgment: Revelation 4-18
    3. Envisioning God’s Plan: Revelation 19-22