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Christians are inundated with books, seminars, and sermons on how to live the Christian life. What we often lack is the support needed to actually do so. Church Reflections strives to provide the tools your church needs to move from good ideas to godly action.

Our Church Implementation Guide, which is included with the leadership training resources, provides the insights and practical steps your church needs to move from controversy to ministry related to people who struggle with issues of sexuality. Supplemental resources and links are provided below. Your input and insights are most appreciated, as indicated within each of the following areas: Prayer, Leadership, Family, Mentors, Small Groups, and Outreach. Each of these areas is discussed in more detail here.

Impact Your Healthy Church

It’s important to have an accurate picture of the health of you congregation when addressing and exploring such a sensitive and important topic. With that in mind we have provided a free, downloadable, Church Health Survey.

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