FAQs About B90

Summary: The only bad question is the one you don’t ask, right? Here are the most frequent questions about B90 with our straightforward answers.


What is the process of reading the
Bible in 90 days in a nutshell?

Each participant reads on his or her own, then gathers once a week with other participants. The weekly meetings include small group discussion, activities, and a video lesson. Experience has taught us that for most people, the fellowship, accountability, and material shared during the weekly meetings are crucial to their successfully reading through the entire Bible.

Why 90 days?

The program is 90 days because most people can wrap their minds around doing something for 90 days. Imagine giving a person a choice to diet for three months … or twelve. Which is more likely to succeed? From day one, the end is in sight. This is important for each participant. Yes, the readings ARE a challenge. Yet most participants tell us it is a manageable challenge. And the payoff more than compensates.

Who can lead the B90 curriculum?

YOU can. All it takes is a desire to help people read the entire Bible. Some leaders start a group as a way to ensure that they themselves do the reading. That said, leaders should commit to read along with the group. Many leaders have gathered a B90 group, read the Bible for the first time, while facilitating the curriculum. In every case, the leader’s only job is to facilitate, not teach. The B90 Leader’s Guide makes it simple and straightforward.

Why does it work?

It works for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Time frame: 90 days vs. a year (or longer) is very doable and easier to commit to finish.
  • Readability: The Bible in 90 Days Bible uses large print, minimal footnotes for distraction, and is an easy to read translation.
  • Community: Weekly meetings build support, fellowship, accountability, and knowledgeable insight.
  • Support materials: B90 provides just the right amount of support materials … so participants remain engaged and focused on one thing: reading the Bible!
  • A lowering of barriers: By emphasizing the practical aspects of Bible reading, we foster an environment where participants are more likely to recognize being led by the Holy Spirit while reading and thus be transformed by the Word.

How much reading is involved?
Do participants actually read the entire Bible?

Yes, participants read every word of the Bible. This is not an abridged program. Participants using the B90 Bible will read 12 pages a day, which usually takes about 45-60 minutes of reading time.

Do I have to use the official B90 Bible?

No, but we know with certainty that your chances of success increase dramatically if you do.

What materials are needed?

Can I listen instead of read?

To participate in the Bible in 90 Days program, you must read all the words of the Bible yourself. This is not a listening plan … its a reading plan. That said, some people while reading may choose to also listen to a recording of the Bible — which can help you remain focused while you are reading it. BibleGateway has an audio Bible you can use for that — just be sure you’re listening to the NIV version.

Can this really be done on a church-wide
or community-wide basis?

Yes, it can and is being done church-wide … and even in small communities. B90 was developed to scale up and down to virtually any size. But in all cases, the secret to success is doing B90 as a group!

What denominations have used B90?

B90 is a non-denominational curriculum which has been embraced in the following denominations:

  • Assembly of God  |  Baptist  |  Bible  |  Catholic  |  Church of Christ  |  Community
  • Episcopal  |  Evangelical Free  |  Lutheran  |  Methodist  |  Mennonite
  • Non-denominational  |  Pentecostal  |  Presbyterian  |  United Methodist  |  Vineyard

How do I get started?

These links: Starting a B90 Group or Starting an B90 Group Online detail the simple, easy to follow steps you can take to gather and begin a B90 group as soon as you like. YES YOU CAN read the Bible in 90 days — so let’s get started!


  1. Marisa Tarride says:

    I just have a question.
    It has taken me always a year to read the bible several times (both Old & New Testament) and that’s taking out 30 minutes or more every night. So how it it POSSIBLE to read the entire bible in 90 DAYS??

    Thank you.

    • David Winkle says:

      Hi Marisa,

      That is a question we have been asked frequently. This is not an abridged Bible, it even has all of those exciting genealogies. A person can read the Bible in 90 days by reading about 12 pages a day (in the specially formatted B90 Bible). It is a Bible designed for reading, not study; so most of the notes etc. have been removed. It takes about one hour a day for the average reader (45 minutes) for those who are a little faster. This is certainly a commitment, and it takes discipline, but after a while the discipline becomes a pleasure as you spend time with God’s word. One of the secrets to success in this venture is, doing this in a small group. The group meets once a week to review and discuss the readings of the week. They also encourage one another and hold each other accountable for finishing their reading. If you would like to follow the daily schedule of readings and use your own Bible, you can download a free schedule bookmark on the Bible in 90 Days website. On the left side of the page click on “Getting Started” and scroll down to the schedule (near the bottom of the page). I am not the fastest reader in the world, but I have completed this program three times. Each time I have received blessings; and each time I have discovered new things.

      God’s Richest Blessings!

      Dr. David Winkle
      Director of Operations

  2. Sandi says:

    God laid it upon my heart to read through the Bible last summer. I have tried many times but never managed to ready every word as I would skip over some of the text in the “begats” verses. I know God laid it on my heart because I read through every word (including the begats) and could not put it down. I ended up reading the original King James Version from cover to cover in 7 weeks. it was life changing. And I was very surprised to discover that many times I said “I didn’t know that was in the Bible”. As soon as it was over, I wanted to read it again but this time, I am reading it more slowly so I can study it too. I encourage you to take the 90 day challenge..

    • David Winkle says:

      Congratulations on sticking to your calling to read through the entire Bible. It may interest you to know that we are working on a reading version of the King James Bible (standard paragraph form) and it will be available in about a month. It is indeed life changing to read and see the sweeping scope of the whole story of God’s love for humanity. It might also surprise you to know that most ministers I talk to say the same thing you said, “I didn’t know that was in the Bible,” or “I just didn’t remember that part.” Thank you for taking the time to write us, and may God bless your reading and study of scripture.

      Dr. David L. Winkle
      Director of Products

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