Facilitating a B90 Group

Summary: It’s been said that everything rises and falls upon leadership. Click here for our best tips to help you facilitate your B90 group from start to finish.


Once you’ve decided to facilitate a Bible in 90 Days group, and become familiar with these Steps for Starting a B90 Group, here are a few best practices for facilitating your B90 group:


At beginning and end, and throughout the week, pray for yourself, and your group, that God will reveal Himself to each participant as they read through His Word.

Read it yourself.

Commit to the daily reading yourself, and complete the reading ahead of the group. Your own commitment is paramount to the group’s success. Participants need to know that you understand the commitment needed to achieve this goal.

Honor everyone’s time.

Everyone seems strapped for time. When you start and end each meeting on schedule, they’ll know you value their time. So, to ensure a meeting’s success, do the readings, be prepared by using the B90 Leader’s Guide, and stay focused on what needs to be discussed. If your meetings are online, refrain from banter so you can start and end at the times you’ve scheduled.

Foster accountability and fellowship.

Help group members get to know each other, to feel comfortable discussing the reading, as well as holding each other accountable. Encourage members to pray for each other. Accountability for online groups is an additional challenge because they may never be face to face. If hosting an online group, do weekly check-ins with each other. You can do this via a Facebook group, blog page, Twitter (with the #B90Days hashtag) or by email. One successful online B90 leader paired her group members so each had a direct accountability partner.

Use the B90 resources.

This website contains a complete line of B90 articles and free resources. You’re free to customize the resources to better fit your group. We have carefully designed, developed, and tested our materials to ensure success. Many thousands of participants have successfully completed reading the Bible in 90 days by following these procedures. If you want to succeed, then use the system that’s already proven itself to be valuable.

Facilitate — don’t teach.

Often your readers will have questions about the content of the reading. Your job is to help them read, not teach. Most often the two best answers to reader questions are “What do you think?” or “Keep reading and let me know what you think later.” Suggest that they write a list of questions to research and delve into after the reading is complete. One B90 leader invited the senior pastor to the group’s graduation celebration, where participants could then ask any questions they had collected during the course.

Ask the Holy Spirit for help.

Again, throughout your B90 experience, always acknowledge God’s presence (Jesus assured it) and ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you facilitate. Lay your challenges at His feet. He will guide you and your group to the finish. Encourage group members to do the same.


  1. Richard E Jansak says:

    We are a small Bible Study group interested in B90. If we meet once a week, how many weeks do you think it will take us to finish the program? Thank you, Dick Jansak

    • David Winkle says:


      The Bible in 90 Days runs for 14 weeks. The first meeting, participants have not had the opportunity to read. This is an introductory meeting, with an introductory video. The remaining 13 meetings involve discussion of the passages that have been read and a 15-20 video presentation of the material and how it fits into the whole.

      If you have any questions, you may call me on my cell phone @ 828-595-0788.

      David Winkle

    • marklucas says:


      At the most, 14 weeks. Some do it in 13. We’ve discovered that most ministry and church leaders don’t think their people will commit to this much reading, while in fact we have repeatedly seen many churches witness a higher participation rate than expected. And not once have we heard from anyone any regret or complaint in doing the B90 reading program, rather we always hear of their enthusiasm, joy, and great satisfaction in undertaking the reading challenge. Hope this helps.

      Mark Lucas
      B90 Communications

  2. Charolette says:

    Hi there,
    We will very soon be embarking on this marvellous 90day bible reading challenge in a small group. We have done it before, however my question is how do we approach with a Muslim and Jewish person in the group? What would you suggest? Would love to gain some insights. Some of the scripting is great but I’m nervous to say things like “some of you may not believe that the bible is the word of God. That’s ok..” as the majority of participants are Christians. Any thoughts or words of advise would be most welcome.

    • David Winkle says:


      I am most pleased that you have been through the Bible in 90 Days before, as it probably makes you more equipped to handle this situation than most. While I have never had Jewish or Muslim participants in a B90 group before, I have had a few agnostics and one atheist. The scripting that Ted Cooper wrote for this does work well, and it will probably not offend your Christian participants, who do indeed believe that it is the Word of God. As a former Army Chaplain, I have had numerous Jewish and Muslim people sit in on classes (not B90) out of curiosity, and never had a problem. I believe that you will do fine, so long as everyone sticks to the “Discussion Group Rules of Engagement” on page 11 of Participant’s Guide. There may be some who want to make it into a comparative religion discussion, just as some Christians want to turn things into a comparative denomination discussion. Bible in 90 Days is a Bible reading program, as opposed to a Bible Study, so anyone willing to read should be able to participate. Your non-Christian participants may occasionally have some valuable insights to share. I suggest that everyone allow the Word to speak for itself – and allow the Holy Spirit of God to work in the process. We would be delighted to hear from you as this class progresses. If you have any questions or comments give me a call @ 828-595-0788.

      David Winkle
      Director of Operations

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