Getting Started

BNEXT is a proven ministry support for churches of any size or type that wish to help their members grow stronger and deeper in their faith. Feedback from the pastors and church leaders who have used BNEXT materials reveals that BNEXT:

  • CULTIVATES a “biblically literate” congregation
  • ENHANCES a sense of shared community around the Scriptures
  • GIVES DIRECTION, substance, and energy to outreach though small groups
  • ESTABLISHES the sermon as a climatic event of the week’s study prep

Pastors in the pilot churches who have used BNEXT materials have said the materials are “spiritually nurturing, thought provoking and encouraging.” Members of their congregations have commented that the Sunday morning sermon is “more informative and enjoyable” as a result of the discussion in their small study group.

The following articles can help you explore the reasons we have developed BNEXT and the successful ways in which BNEXT can be used in small groups and churches:

The Need

Summary: Christians and churches find themselves powerless because they suffer from Biblical illiteracy. Congregations lose their moorings and believers struggle to know what they believe – because...
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Starting a BNEXT Study Group

Summary: Not every church has a small groups ministry, and not every church that has a small groups ministry has a healthy one. We have tools to help churches start from scratch or start anew to refresh...
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BNEXT’s Simple Format

 Summary: So how are the BNEXT studies arranged? Take a peek here for a surprisingly simple...
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BNEXT Pricing

Summary: We are very proud of our affordable pricing plan, and we are glad to share how we have structured our pricing, from individual copies to large-scale reproducible church...
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Using BNEXT with Sermons

Summary: Studies are designed for a pastor’s pulpit ministry to augment and compliment small groups. With this pairing, people can bring their thoughts or questions from...
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Small Group Training

Summary: It’s nice to have a field manual at hand to help along the way, and we’ve provided that in the form of our Small Group Training Resources and Leader Training...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Summary: Over the years we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions, and we’ve provided simple and thoughtful responses here for...
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Scope & Sequence

Summary: BNEXT Bible Studies reach wide from Genesis to Revelation with flyovers of the New and Old Testaments. Extended studies also allow students to dig deep into the truths of major sections too....
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