Each week on BEYOND WORDS with Dr. William Campbell, we are excited to host a new guest and learn from their expertise on themes like science, theology, parenting, and philosophy — all from a decidedly Biblical perspective. In the coming weeks we will be interviewing the following guests listed below. We welcome you to join us by listening to the live broadcast every Monday morning at 10:05 EST, or by downloading a podcast.

Jan 15

Nate CollinsAll But Invisible  |  Nate Collins
What is the relationship between biblical concepts like desire, lust, and temptation and modern constructs like sexual attraction and orientation? How might new forms of kinship, such as intentional community or celibate partnership, make the blessings of family life more accessible to gay people in traditional faith communities? These and other questions are addressed by Nate Collins, who speaks from his own experience as a gay man in a mixed orientation marriage. Nate Collins has served as an instructor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently a partner associate at The Sight Ministry, a Christian organization based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has been married to his wife, Sara, for thirteen years, and they have three children.  Link

Jan 22

Christopher HallChurch Fathers on Life  |  Christopher Hall
This interview marks the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. What did the early Christian leaders and thinkers have to say about abortion? This is a good question to ask. The early Christians were closest to the life of Christ; we might expect them to have a better handle than we do on the thoughts of Christ. Moreover, the moral climate in Rome during Christianity’s first few hundred years was remarkably similar to ours today. Christopher A. Hall (PhD, Drew University) is the director of Renovaré Institute of Christian Spiritual Formation.  Link

Jan 29

Stacy TrasancosParticles of Faith  |  Stacy Trasancos
Do faith and science intersect? If so, how and where and why? Does the Big Bang Theory somehow prove God? How are quantum mechanics and free will related, if at all? Did we evolve from atoms? What does Intelligent Design show us? What are its limits? These and other questions are explored with Stacy A. Trasancos, writer, scientist, and editor, who also teaches chemistry and physics classes and is department chair at Kolbe Academy, and serves as an adjunct professor at Holy Apostles College and Seminary and Seton Hall University.  Link

Feb 5

Ken BoaLife in the Presence of God  |  Ken Boa
God is everywhere and always with us. So why don’t we experience his presence more? Life is full of distractions, and our 24/7 news cycles and social media drown out the voice of God. It’s hard to discern God’s presence amid the hubbub. But experiencing God is not just for the super-spiritual or ultra-mature. Every Christian can learn to cultivate a greater awareness of God in the everyday. Ken Boa contemporary guidelines to practicing the presence of God. He is an author, a speaker, and the president of Reflections Ministries.  Link

Feb 12

Stacy TrasancosScience is Born of Christianity  |  Stacy Trasancos
In this interview, we consider the idea that only in Christian nations were the circumstances right for science to progress to the point it has today. Based on the work of Stanley Jaki and Pierre Duhem, Transancos has researched this concept in depth. If indeed science was born of Christianity, the implications are significant in our day and age. People often think of science and Christianity as two separate entities (or magisterium) that do not and cannot overlap. What if in fact they are inseparable expressions of truth, with theology being the king of the sciences?  Link