Each week on BEYOND WORDS with Dr. William Campbell, we are excited to host a new guest and learn from their expertise on themes like science, theology, parenting, and philosophy — all from a decidedly Biblical perspective. In the coming weeks we will be interviewing the following guests listed below. We welcome you to join us by listening to the live broadcast every Monday morning at 10:05 EST, or by downloading a podcast.

Feb 20

Os GuinnessImpossible People  |  Os Guinness
The church in the West is at a critical moment. While the gospel is exploding throughout the global south, Western civilization faces militant assaults from aggressive secularism and radical Islam. Where is the world heading? What influence can and should the average Christian have on its direction? Join us as author and social critic, Os Guinness, shares insights related to his latest book, Impossible People, in which he calls us to resist the negative cultural forces of our day with fortitude and winsomeness, and to regain hope in the purposes of God.  |  Link

Feb 27

Seth BarnesImpacting the World  | Seth Barnes
Why is the Christian Church, with such a profound message and with the supernatural empowerment of the God of the Universe, not more influential on the world scene? Why is the task of bringing God’s light and love to every nation not yet complete? Seth Barnes, founder and director of Adventures in Missions, has some unique thoughts based on his extensive experience in equipping and sending tens of thousands of short-term missionaries around the world.  |  Link

Mar 6

Paul SaberChristians in the Marketplace  |  Paul Saber
Paul Saber was preparing to become a lawyer when his brother Mark died in a car accident. It was then that Paul realized he had been focused more on himself than on the Lord. He took over his brother’s McDonald’s franchise, and over time grew and developed restaurant franchises around the country. His goal was to do everything with excellence to God’s glory. The story of his life and the philosophy that drives him has challenged other Christian business people to also bring the light into their workplace. Paul is President and CEO of the Manna Development Group, and serves on various boards, including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  |  Link

Mar 13

Lee StrobelThe Case for Christ  |  Lee Strobel
Lee Strobel describes how his best-selling book, The Case for Christ, and the related series was created and gives insider stories about the movie being released by the same title. Once an award-winning investigative journalist and an avowed atheist, Lee was determined to use his legal and journalistic skills to disprove the newfound faith of his wife. He was in for a surprise. Based on his own experience he shares how we can reach others and encourage them to trust in Christ. He also shares about the journey of creating the movie.  |  Link

Mar 20

Ken BoaRewriting Your Broken Story  |  Kenneth Boa
How do you fix a broken story? In this fallen world, life is not how we thought it would be. Jobs vanish, relationships crumble, and health fails. How do we find the hope to persevere? We can make sense of our broken stories by setting them in the context of a larger and greater story. Kenneth Boa shows how God can transform our lives with an eternal perspective when we live with the end in mind. In light of eternity, our struggles are temporary and our plot twists are not fatal. We are hard-wired by God with eternity in our hearts, and that longing gives us purpose, blesses others and helps us make a permanent mark on the world.  |  Link

Mar 27

Charles MorrisFleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus  |  Charles Morris
The average person hears bits and pieces about the horrors surrounding ISIS, and the miraculous turning of many Muslims to faith in Christ in part because of ISIS. Charles Morris puts many of the pieces together to give us a clearer picture. Morris is speaker and president of Haven Ministries, and has served as a broadcast news reporter, editor, and bureau chief for United Press International. He combines his skills and experiences from numerous trips to the Middle East to bring this picture to life.  |  Link

Apr 3

Kent AnnanDoing Justice  |  Kent Annan
No one said pursuing justice would be easy. The road can be so challenging and the destination so distant that you may be discouraged by a lack of progress, compassion or commitment in your quest for justice. How do you stay committed to the journey when God’s kingdom can seem so slow in coming? Kent Annan understands the struggle of working for justice over the long haul. He shares his journey in this interview, which is captured more fully in his book, Slow Kingdom Coming. His words may encourage you to live by the words found in Micah 6:8, a call to show justice.  |  Link

Apr 10

Brian Han GreggWhy Suffering?  |  Brian Han Gregg
One of the most confusing questions facing Christians today is, why does God allow so much suffering in the world? This question is also a barrier in the minds of many atheists toward belief in God. Brian Han Gregg, professor of Biblical studies at the University of Sioux Falls, SD, researched this dilemma and found that the answers are not so simple. There are easily a dozen reasons given to us the Scripture for the trials and challenges we all face in life. Understanding these reasons can help us to face life and to trust God more.  |  Link