Each week on BEYOND WORDS with Dr. William Campbell, we are excited to host a new guest and learn from their expertise on themes like science, theology, parenting, and philosophy — all from a decidedly Biblical perspective. In the coming weeks we will be interviewing the following guests listed below. We welcome you to join us by listening to the live broadcast every Monday morning at 10:05 EST, or by downloading a podcast.

May 22

Peyton JonesOrdinary Christians, Extraordinary Outreach  |  Peyton Jones
Why are so many people, especially the younger generations, leaving the church today? What can the average Christian do to reverse the trend? These are some of the topics we will explore with church planter and ministry innovator, Peyton Jones. Tune in to glean fresh insights and to consider new ways God might use you to impact lives. Peyton served as the evangelist at David Martin Lloyd-Jones’s church, Aberavon, and has planted churches in some unusual situations.  |  Link

May 29

Jerame & Miranda NelsonMiracles and Healing  |  Jerame & Miranda Nelson
When white light hits a prism, it refracts into beautiful colors. In the same way, when God reveals His glory, it can be manifested in glorious ways. Jerame and Miranda Nelson were both busy traveling as evangelists and revivalists but found need to focus in one area just north of San Diego, CA. God began pouring out His Spirit. Now, in daily meetings, God shows up through transformed lives, restored marriages, and sometimes even miracles and healings. Tune in to hear what is going on and to learn how God can manifest His glory in your life and ministry.  |  Link

June 5

Suzette CaldwellPraying the Lord’s Prayer  |   Suzette Caldwell
When Jesus’ disciples wanted to pray like their Savior, He gave them instructions in what we now call “The Lord’s Prayer.” But do we really understand it? How was this prayer to be used? Suzette Caldwell, President of the Prayer Institute, has dedicated her life to answering this question and to helping people pray the Lord’s Prayer. She has written books on this topic and travels and speaks regularly to provide this vital training. Tune in to tune up your prayer life!  |  Link