Each week on BEYOND WORDS with Dr. William Campbell, we are excited to host a new guest and learn from their expertise on themes like science, theology, parenting, and philosophy — all from a decidedly Biblical perspective. In the coming weeks we will be interviewing the following guests listed below. We welcome you to join us by listening to the live broadcast every Monday morning at 10:05 EST, or by downloading a podcast.

Sep 18

Dr. Gerald SchroederThe Science of God  |  Dr. Gerald Schroeder
The creation/evolution controversy has troubled and sometimes divided the Church through the centuries. This controversy has also diminished the witness of Christians to the scientific community. The problem of reconciling Scripture and science never seems to go away. Orthodox Jewish scholar and author of the book, The Science of God, Dr. Gerald Schroeder, has developed a theory of correlation that has led even staunch atheists to believe there is a God after all.  In this interview he will explain the thesis behind his writings.  |  Link

Sep 25

Dr. Gerald SchroederThe Bigger Bang  |  Dr. Gerald Schroeder
The “Big Bang Theory” posits that the entire cosmos came from a singularity, from a space about the size of a pea and a moment shaved thinner than a second. Whether the Big Bang occurred or not, there is significant evidence about a bigger bang. That is, the Bible can be demonstrated to correlate with science more clearly than any other religious book. Join us as internationally recognized author and physicist Dr. Schroeder unpacks these important truths.  | Link