Each week on BEYOND WORDS with Dr. William Campbell, we are excited to host a new guest and learn from their expertise on themes like science, theology, parenting, and philosophy — all from a decidedly Biblical perspective. In the coming weeks we will be interviewing the following guests listed below. We welcome you to join us by listening to the live broadcast every Monday morning at 10:05 EST, or by downloading a podcast.

June 19

Sheila HarperAbortion Recovery  |  Sheila & Jack Harper
When the issue of abortion comes up, people often become political and contentious. Sheila Harper founded a ministry called Save One that carries a message of hope and healing. Her moving story is foundational to a dynamic ministry focused on helping those who have had abortions to experience the grace and forgiveness of God. Listen to her story. Be surprised by the impact of this ministry. Better yet, get involved.  |  Link

June 26

Leadership Awakening  |  Doug Stringer
Anyone who influences others takes on a leadership role. Every leader wants to do well, but sometimes the challenges and discouragements in life become too much to handle. Overwhelmed, we settle for less than God’s best. Through time-tested principles, Doug Stringer can help you to: measure successful leadership God’s way; overcome the oppositions godly leaders face; and display leadership traits that bring positive impact to your family, workplace, and church.  |  Link

July 12

Greg HawkinsLonging for More  |  Greg Hawkins
Do you long for more of God in your life and in the Church? Greg Hawkins was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, and volunteered to consult for Willow Creek Community Church, when such a longing took hold of his heart. His journey from that point on involved a half million people through surveys and studies and learning about how we can experience more of God. Greg served as executive pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, alongside Bill Hybels, for over twenty years. He currently serves with Max Lucado and Randy Frazee on the leadership team at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas.  |  Link

July 19

Greg HawkinsExperiencing More  |  Greg Hawkins
Building from last week’s interview, Greg brings us deeper into the content and understanding found in his book More: How to Move from Activity for God to Intimacy with God. He discusses doable shifts in our thought and language that can lead to true intimacy with God. He also shares how he and his wife were transformed through key experiences in life, one of which was our Bible-reading program, Bible in 90 Days. Tune in to find more intimacy in your walk with God.  |  Link

July 26

Kelly KapicEmbodied Hope  |  Kelly Kapic
We all suffer. But how many of us carry a hope in our hearts that can light our paths? What understanding or changes in our lives can help to ignite such a hope in the midst of the challenges and trials we face almost daily? Kelly Kapic, professor of theological studies at Covenant College shares insights based on his book Embodied Hope. Listen, learn, and live with the hope that is rightfully yours as God’s child.  |  Link