BEYOND Resources offer a variety of biblically-based books, small group resources, and leadership training guides to help Christians find wholeness in their lives. These resources can deepen your understanding and application of Scripture. BEYOND Resources are great tools for individuals and churches interested in awakening their everyday lives to the power of God’s Word.

BEYOND’s Cutting-Edge Ministry is a program for the whole church, including Small Group and Leadership DVDs and guidebooks, based on Dr. Campbell’s book: Turning Controversy Into Church Ministry: A Christlike Response to Homosexuality. This robust resource offers clear Scriptural and scientific insight, sound logic, and practical advice to help Christians gain Christ’s perspective to turn churches into centers of ministry related to the divisive issue of homosexuality.

“Campbell nails this truth gracefully on the door of the local church. An excellent resource for equipping the church…”
— Andy Comiskey  |  President, Desert Streams Ministry


Study In Small Groups

Summary: Fears, worries, and insecurities get blown out of proportion when a person is dealing with them in public. But put that person in a safe small group and vulnerability turns into strength, helping them find healing and spiritual health through...
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Summary: Want to really make a difference when addressing homosexuality in your congregation and community? You can’t do it on your own! This important issue requires training that your community deserves! [vsw id="90359676" source="vimeo" width="670" height="360"...
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Summary: Your church can be its best, if it will only better itself! Our tools will help your congregation take a good look in the mirror, understand who it is in the now, and prepare to have influence in the future. It’s thoughtful, practical, and simple. Read more...
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Ministry Spheres

Summary: There are many factors which can affect our spiritual health. There are also many voices that speak into the lives of those being transformed.  We have included detailed descriptions of the key areas of influence (spheres) that are effective...
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