Wild at Heart & War Room

John Eldridge  |  5.2.2016
What is it that makes a man a man? Is masculinity a byproduct of cultural conditioning, or is there a natural and integral core to masculinity that has been largely ignored or forgotten in our modern age? John Eldredge’s best-selling work, “Wild at Heart,” speaks to these issues as clearly today as when it was first written. Accentuating his understanding of manhood, John created a movie that will be airing around the country on May 19: “A Story Worth Living.”  Tune in to this broadcast to tune up your thinking about the meaning of masculinity.  |  Link

Alex Kendrick  |  5.2.2016
This week, National Day of Prayer gatherings will occur around the nation, making this an ideal week for God’s people to come together in prayer. Alex Kendrick has a passion to encourage each of us to get involved. He produced the movie War Room with his brother Stephen, and will talk about the effect this powerful film has had around the country. Alex will also encourage each of us to grasp the opportunity before us—we to engage in warfare in the heavenly realms through unified prayer.  |  Link

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