Kingdom Without Walls

Carmen Fowler-LaBergeCarmen Fowler-LaBerge  |  2.1.2016
Celebrated as a trusted voice in many of America’s Christian leadership circles, Carmen Fowler LaBerge speaks with authority on issues related to the intersection of culture and the Biblical worldview. Carmen’s passion is to help everyday ordinary people connect with the eternal and extraordinary God. Carmen is now in her sixth year of service as President of the Presbyterian Lay Committee and Executive Editor of its publications. In 15 years of ordained ministry (1993-2011), Carmen was privileged to serve congregations from under 100 to over 5000 members as well as national renewal ministries. She has a missional church mindset and believes that the 21st century Church is being called anew to pursue the Great Commission and the Great Commandment with Great Conviction. She believes that Christ’s followers are called to Christ in order that they be sent by Christ as His ambassadors, empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit for every good work that God prepared in advance for them to do.  |  Link

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