Beyond Words Comments


“Thanks to folks like you, people have a chance to really understand how the Bible applies to their lives every day. Blessings in your work.”

— May Roberts


“I am Tony Cicalese. It has become part of our routine to listen to you every week. My wife and her mother all listen together. Her mother does not speak a lot of English.  We translate some for her. We live in Venice, Italy.”

“I am Sara Sharpton. I live in Raleigh and I have been a listener of yours for a good number of months. I only wanted to say hello and to let you know that I have admiration for your outreach and I enjoy your program.”

“When I was a little girl, my mother sang the song “Love Lifted Me” all the time. It meant so much to me and it still does today. Now I realize the important role the love of Jesus has meant in my life. Praise him in every way!! You give me help in understanding how we need to have God in all aspects of our lives.”  — Melody Sammons

“Salvation! It’s the great gift from Jesus! Praise Him. Bless your outreach!!! You teach us with these great discussions.”  — Nan Tate (Boston)

“I had to go to a funeral for a long time friend of my family’s. He was an old man and I know that he is now with Jesus. He was so good to me as I was coming along. We must appreciate people like this in our lives. People who care about us and help us with a gentle encouragement in the right direction. He and I always listened to your program together at his nursing home. I’m going to miss him so much.”   — Gwen Newman

“I am telling my church group about this Beyond Words program and several have told me that they are listening. It is a blessing and always interesting.” — Dollie Jo Winston

“This is a part of my live every week and I try to never miss your broadcast. I live in Rome, Italy and while most of our countrymen are Catholic, I am not.  I am a Protestant and I like the opportunity to listen to your program. It is informative. I express my thanks to you for this and I pray God watches over your ministry for his cause. Thank you.”  — Giovanni Ligato

“I imagine I have been listening for about three months and I am so glad I came to this channel. I am always finding a good resource in your interviews.”  — Liz Martin (Honolulu)

“In our home, we have been listening to your broadcast for some time and we are always around when you come on. Your guests and you provide solid information and insight into how God’s word applies to the issues of the day. We are most appreciative.”  — Nancy Caldwell

“A friend at my church told me of your broadcast and I have been listening for about three weeks and I am so pleased that she told me because it seems to be very interesting. Bless you.”  — Laura Jones

“Dear brother Campbell, I listen you all the time. I have a GlobaSat and I get you very clear. Thanks for caring and for always having an interesting broadcast.”  — Patina Franks (Liverpool, UK)

“Dear Brother Campbell, I am right on that firing line with you every single day we stand for our God and against the devil. Bless you as you and your guests stand for what is right!”  — Melissa Stafford (Chicago)

“I must ask for prayer for my friend Luis.  He has cancer in his chest and I ask God to save him. By the way, your program is always interesting.”  — Juan Sebastian Lucas (Madrid)

“We are subscribers to the GlobaSat service and are so pleased that we receive your broadcast. God puts great things before us and all we have to do is just pay attention. Please know that we are always interested in your informative broadcasts. There is nothing else to compare here in the U.K.”  — Joan Elliott Powers (Liverpool)