Best Practices for Community-Wide B90 Program

Summary: Many have taken B90 straight to their community and seen great success. You can do it too … especially with these notes from our most vibrant B90 community groups.


Several smaller communities have offered The Bible in 90 Days programs community-wide . While each community is different and has unique resources and challenges, universal best practices can be boiled down to three:

  • Have a well-respected member of the community spearhead the effort.
  • Enlist influential organizations in the community to organize the effort (ministerial association), mobilize volunteers (churches), provide resources (businesses or civic groups).
  • Encourage all participating hosts (churches, prisons, bridge clubs, companies, etc.) to adapt the Best Practices for Church-Wide B90 Program as appropriate to their entities and audiences.
  • Plan ahead. Be patient. It takes time and persistence. Depending on the size of the community and whether or not an organizing structure is in place (or needs to be formed), a successful community-wide effort requires one to two years from inception to completion.
  • Upon completion, consider hosting a community-wide celebration OR a series of celebrations open to all participants.

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