“I thought about reading the Bible for years, and even attempted it a few times on my own, before I discovered The Bible in 90 Days, joined a group at my church and read the whole thing without stopping, cover to cover.
 I was so blown away by the experience that I offered to facilitate it at my church and have since facilitated several more times, trained facilitators and now plan to host an online community via my blog, MomsToolbox.”

Amy Gross, Founder of www.MomsToolbox.com

“I’m a second generation preacher’s kid – grandson of the first French speaking protestant missionary to Louisiana – son of a WW2 chaplain who gave communion to the crew of the Enola Gay – probably a practicing agnostic part of my adult life… 
A lifelong friend gave me the Bible in 90 Days — completed today 11-7-2013 — thank God! Many days of silence and gratitude for all the help in resolving so many issues I could not resolve myself — I never really left the “Church” — but reading the entire Bible has helped me fill in a lot of the blanks I could never accomplish – if any skeptic would just read the entire Bible I’d hope it would change them.” [sic]

Jim Carlin, MD

“A life changing experience that everyone should experience. The Bible in 90 Days has brought me closer to God and blessed my life. I am on my 3rd time now!

Mike B.

“I just finished the reading program of “Bible in 90 Days”. I downloaded the audio book from ChristianBookstore.com 
 and incorporated audio with the visual reading. It truly was an amazing spiritual awakening for me. I have been in a formal bible study for 11 years, yet had never read the bible from cover to cover. Reading the Bible from cover to cover has cleared up so many misunderstandings I had regarding historical events and brought to life the beautiful letters of Paul. They spoke to my heart in a new and beautiful way. Paul’s letters are a perfect picture of God’s amazing love and peace through the blood of Jesus Christ. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a deeper and clearer understanding of God’s truth in His Word. I praise God for leading me to this study and preparing the way for me to reach my goal and for the spiritual growth and blessing I have received as a result.”

Barbara Fletcher

“Wonderful experience. We would have a revival if everyone would do it.”

B90 Participant, Denver CO

“I read the Bible in ninety days when I was in medical school — arguably one of the life situations that requires you to be reading at almost every minute of the day. At church, a Sunday school course was offered that would bring me alongside other worshippers who were pursuing the same goal. I had read the Bible the whole way through once before — although I think it took me all of about 3 years in bits and pieces. Thirty minutes a day (at least!) sounded daunting considering I had a list a mile long of things that I needed to read for thirty minutes a day: anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, amino acids, diseases, pathophysiology, etc., etc… but the Bible won out. It took me a week or two in to realize that it won out, but I can guarantee you that it always wins.”

Tiffany Lin, Saipan

“This class was truly life-changing and profound. The readings at Mass have so much more meaning.”

B90 Participant, Light of the World Catholic Church, Littleton CO

“In April, 2012 The Bible in 90 Days curriculum was used in a bible study at the Perryville Women’s prison in Goodyear, AZ. This Bible study was selected, in part, by the inmates who really wanted to do this. It was a challenging study for them, but week after week, they returned to our weekly study with a sense of accomplishment!
On the first night of this study, a young woman walked in. She had never been to a bible study in her life – this was her first. Wow! Can you imagine doing this as your first bible study? She came back every week. On the last evening of this study, she had such a big smile. “I did this, I read the Bible cover to cover!” I hardly ever went to church before, and here I am, in prison and I read the Bible cover to cover! I’m so glad that I have Jesus in my life!”

Kelly Dob, Volunteer, Goodyear AZ

“I use to go to the book stores to purchase their recommended #1 best seller; after such an experience, I then realized that all along I had the #1 best selling: action, drama, murder, romance, love story that has ever been written….the BIBLE!!!!”

Phyllis Lofton, Beaumont TX

“I have been a Christian since age 3. I have read the Bible several times throughout my life. But never like this. I had read the words, but I had not experienced them with such an excitement. I actually was excited to do each day’s reading. If I missed a day, I felt it!”

Christine DeMattie, North Royalton OH


Church Leaders

“Can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am of the Bible in 90 Days and
what it means to the people of Arborlawn UMC. I’ve been in ministry for
close to 30 years and I can’t recall a similar movement that has touched so
many people so deeply. The conversations in the hallways, in homes, after
church, on the parking lot and within families has been remarkable. We had
451 people participating at the church and more who are reading along.”

Ben Disney, Senior Minister
, Arborlawn United Methodist Church

“I am moved at a level I can’t even put into words. I’ve been reviewing curricula for over thirty years and have never seen anything like this. Every Christian should read God’s Word at least once in their lifetime.”

Bishop J.G. Kramer,
 United Fellowship of Christian Churches & Ministries

“I think there are great benefits to reading the Bible from cover to cover… in doing so you realize that the Bible is one story. And it is a story that takes place over a significant period of time. It reveals something significant about who God is, and who we are, and what God has been doing for a long time to reconcile us to Him.”

James Harper, Executive Pastor, First Presbyterian Church

“Our adult Sunday School was having 6 to 12 participants on any given Sunday (12 on a good day). When we were looking at reading The Bible in 90 Days I considered that 20 participants would be a great blessing. God moved 89 people to sign up for the program, and I realized I underestimated the Lord.”

Fr. Stephen Whaley, Rector, All Saints’ Episcopal Church

“I’ve made several attempts to read through the Bible in a year. When reading the Bible in a year, so many things can come up and you get swayed and sidetracked.”

Carl Williams, Senior Pastor, True Deliverance Bible Fellowship

“I am very well read in the Bible. I’ve read it many times before, but NEVER in 90 days. It seemed to bring everything together in a way as never before in my reading and in my study.”

Dan Baugh, Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church

“Although we’ve had many bible studies looking at many books very closely, we’ve never before had a study that works through the whole Bible. So, we have folks who know Hebrews well, or the letter to the Romans, or maybe Ezekiel. But, to put it all together, well that’s something that very few Episcopalians can do. So, this was our first offering where we read through the whole Bible. It was just dynamic for the church.”

Bill Dickson, Associate Rector, St. John the Divine Episcopal Church

“The only curriculum we’ve ever offered that actually changes lives! During the 90 days our giving increased by 35%. Our mission giving tripled. That level of giving maintained and then increased thereafter.”

Scott Furrow, Senior Pastor
, First Baptist Church, San Diego CA


More Testimonials

“WOW! I thought I would get a good overview of the Bible, but didn’t expect more. I was wrong! Each day the Lord revealed things I’d never noticed (or at least never understood) previously! Reading the Bible this way showed me context like I never imagined. This has been such a powerful experience for me!”

Suzanne Larson, Bishop Creek Community Church, Bishop CA

“It called me to a closer walk with the Lord.”

Tom O’Neil
, B90 graduate, Board Member

“Not only can I participate in my weekly small group with confidence, but I also get more out of sermons, speakers, and out of life!”

Lisa Joyce, B90 Graduate

“For someone who had never read the Bible, this was the perfect class.”

Karen Payne, B90 Graduate

“I feel like this experience has filled a major gap in my life. You study and live a subject, but never read the “whole thing.” Unreal.” [sic]

George Elledge, B90 Graduate

“Reading the entire Bible has long been a goal of mine, and your enthusiasm, encouragement and inspiration are the reasons I was finally able to reach my goal.”

Paula Schlesinger, B90 Graduate

“The WOW is that I read the Bible — all of it – and that other people have, too. A LOT of people.”

Eric Thomas, MD, B90 Graduate

“Our group has really bonded during the readings. We have about 26 in our group and all of us are really enjoying the Bible in 90 Days. It is awesome!”

Carol & Larry Parks

“For years, I’ve been looking for a way to read the bible in its entirety without it becoming overwhelming. I love the way this book [the B90 Bible] is set out with markers at the beginning and end of each day’s reading; stopping, or continuing to what I feel is the logical end, is very simple. The hardcover means I will have it for a long time. Its size makes it easy to carry around, so I can read a few pages whenever I have time. My only wish is for a ribbon bookmark to make it easier to find where I left off, but hey, I need to [do] something for myself. After all, everything else has been organized for me, including a prayer to help center me before I begin to read…”

Tracey, Florida

“Reading through the Bible at a faster pace and reading it cover to cover, rather than selected scriptures each day, gives you such a wonderful perspective of God’s plan for salvation through the generations, His character, and His personal love for individuals. It is a life-changing experience!”

Gretchen George

“I was TOTALLY blown away by the enthusiasm of our small group (25 people) who have taken the challenge of reading the Bible cover to cover in 90 days.
Personally, I have read the Bible through several times. BUT, I find myself waking up earlier than the alarm to read. I have stopped watching the news at 10pm and read the Bible instead. I have been a Christian for over 40 years and have never been more excited to read the Bible than I am today.”

Dan Tucker,
 San Jacinto Baptist Church

“This has been the most significant program that I ever brought to the church, or probably ever will bring to it.”

Jody Harrington, 
Southminster Presbyterian Church

“This simple God inspired plan has brought our community together and blessed our church. I am now on my third time through the Bible in 90 days and it gets better every time!”

Greg Nance,
 Signal Mountain Church of Christ

“Our church is doing the program church-wide this summer. We’ve seen our summer attendance double what is normal because of your program. We are all really excited.”

Julia Swallow,
 First Presbyterian, Midland

“I must say that this was quite the challenge. First of all, I am NOT a reader. I do NOT like to read much at all.
However, I started to read on March 4, 2007. I just finished reading the Bible in 52 days. The question that everyone asks is, ‘Did you retain anything you read?’ I have to say, ‘Yes, I did.’ This was a book I just could not put down. I would recommend this program to anyone.”

Emma Geedey,
 Harrisburg PA