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4/16/2014  |  Reading the Bible in Sacramento, CA

84 people at St. John’s Lutheran church had their eyes opened as they read the Bible, cover to cover.  |  Read »

4/13/2010  |  The Mom Who Reads the Word with Amy Gross, Haven Today

Our friends at Haven Today interviewed Amy Gross, the founder of, a dear friend of our ministry who has helped thousands of moms take the B90 challenge. She’s been with B90 since the early years of the ministry and you can hear her love for the ministry in her voice. Here you’ll find the first part of her interview.  |  Listen »

1/7/2010  |  The Bible in 90 Days, Part 2, with Amy Gross, Haven Today

Pick up on the end of Amy’s interview and hear all the ways God has worked and is working in her life and the ways she has been impacted by B90.  |  Listen »

1/6/2010  |  The Bible in 90 Days, Part 1, with Ted Cooper, Haven Today

An agnostic who decided to read the Bible to know what his kids were picking up at church… and God turned his life right side up. The founder of B90, Ted Cooper, shares from his heart about the impact the Word of God can have on a life — yours!  |  Listen »

2/2/2009  |  Latest Hot Read for Hundreds is the Bible, Denver Post

A mile high, and miles deep in the Word. The Denver Post took note and wrote about how B90 took root.  |  Read »

1/22/2007  |  The Bible in 90 Days, Haven Today

Early in the friendship with Haven Today, they took time to talk with us and provided us important exposure to their listeners with this interview.  |  Listen »


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