Getting Started


TedCooper2Have you ever wanted to read the entire Bible?

Yes, the whole thing, cover to cover. Every word that God has shared with us from Genesis to Revelation? In 1999, Ted Cooper (pictured) decided it was time to read the entire Bible. His experience in reading it from cover to cover, like a book, paved the way for tens of thousands of Bible readers in 49 states and 21 nations worldwide. And now you can do the same using Ted’s simple, highly effective reading plan: Bible in 90 Days (B90).

Then you’ve come to the right place.

We have all the resources you need to read the entire Bible in just 90 days. YES YOU CAN! You really can read the entire Bible in just 90 days with our help. So gather a few friends, your church, or an entire community — and go for it!

Let’s get started.

If you’ve decided to begin a group, or if you’re doing research before deciding to begin, then start by looking through the articles listed below. Hundreds of churches and thousands of people have been through B90. Much of what you’ll read are the insights we have gleaned from their experiences. We’ve heard great feedback on mistakes to avoid so you can have the most positive experience possible. Each of the links below will lead you to useful information that will help you prepare for your upcoming group.

Starting a B90 Group

Summary: Thousands of B90 groups have been gathered around the world ... but, you’ve never started a group. No worries: begin right here to learn the basics of how...
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Facilitating a B90 Group

Summary: It’s been said that everything rises and falls upon leadership. Click here for our best tips to help you facilitate your B90 group from start to...
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B90 Core Materials

Summary: We have so many tools to help you make the most of your B90 experience. If you’re looking to learn more about our process by looking at our nuts and bolts, a quick...
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B90 Bible Reading Tips

Summary: Your life can change in 90 days — guaranteed! But for a life-change to happen, you need to complete the process. You’ll be surprised how easily you can do it if...
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FAQs About B90

Summary: The only bad question is the one you don’t ask, right? Here are the most frequent questions about B90 with our straightforward answers.
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Starting an Online B90 Group

Summary: Online communities can be significant, personal, and truly vibrant. We’ve seen online B90 communities thrive, and we’ve assembled some effective guidelines for you...
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Mistakes to Avoid

Summary: The great thing about knowing thousands have gone before you is the security of knowing you don’t have to make rookie mistakes. (We’ve already made them … and we...
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Falling Behind: Dos & Don’ts for Catching Up

Summary: Don’t you like it when people talk straight with you? When they’ve been where you want to be? When they give you the inside information that you need to make it? Of...
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Best Practices for Church-Wide B90 Program

Summary: So you want to begin a B90 group in your church? That’s where most B90 groups take place, and we’ve been able to collect a fantastic and extensive list to help you...
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Best Practices for Community-Wide B90 Program

Summary: Many have taken B90 straight to their community and seen great success. You can do it too … especially with these notes from our most vibrant B90 community...
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Best Practices for B90 in Prision Ministry

Summary: Talk about an audience hungry for truth and hungry for Christian community! B90 groups have made a huge difference not only to prisoners, but especially to the prisons...
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What’s Next?

Summary: You may not know it yet, but B90 is part of a bigger picture. Widen your focus by reading this article and you’ll see our grand...
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