B90 Prison Initiative

B90: from Prisoner to Minister

Bible in 90 Days Transforms Lives

In 2010, Jack Johnson (name changed) was sentenced to 45 years without parole for murder. At age 49, Jack felt that his life was over. He was sent to the John N. Wynne Unit in Huntsville, TX. During his third year of incarceration, Jack enrolled in a Bible in 90 Days class. Jack completed multiple readings of the Bible from cover-to-cover … and the power of God’s Word transformed his life!

Jack was accepted into the four-year seminary program housed within the Darrington Unit in Rosharon, TX. He will graduate from seminary in May 2019. Afterward, he will be sent with a team of fellow graduates into a new prison as part of a “field ministry team.” He will serve the remainder of 45-year sentence in a ministry of helping others find the life-transforming love of Christ.

This chapter in Jack Johnson’s life, and the lives of other participants, was made possible because of a simple gift of $25! That’s all it costs for one prisoner to participate in reading Bible in 90 Days (B90 Bible & Participant’s Guide). There are a few small things one can do with $25 … but investing that amount to partner with God in transforming lives forever isn’t small: it’s HUGE!

B90 Prison Initiative Stats

In 2017, grants, along with foundation and individual gifts, have provided B90 materials to these state prisons, jails and transitional prison ministries:

•    Carol Vance Unit: 306 men
•    CT Terrell Unit: 200 men
•    Joe Kegan State Jail: 100 men
•    John M. Wynne Unit: 40 men
•    His Father’s Heart: 30 men
•    Portal Houston: 40 women
•    Lowel Correctional Institution: 30 women

In 2017 alone, with the assistance of grants and private gifts, B90 has enjoyed great success in numerous prisons, jails, and transitional ministries. The demand for B90 in prisons is so great that requests have already outpaced available resources. Prisoners and prison chaplains do not have access to funding for Bible in 90 Days materials. But God has given us many opportunities to reach inmates for Christ Jesus.

We are asking you to prayerfully consider sponsoring one inmate per month, by giving a monthly offering of $25. Your Sunday School class or other group can sponsor even more than one inmate. Any gift you’re able to give is helpful and appreciated! Again, we invite you to join us in this ongoing venture that is proving to have far-reaching significance in the lives of men and women.

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Rev. David L. Winkle
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