B90 for Small Groups


The Bible in 90 Days is a perfect fit for small groups. Consider these compelling benefits when integrating B90 as part of your small groups at your church or in your home.

• It’s God’s Word:
 “Blessed are those who listen to Me, watching daily at My doors, waiting at My doorway. Give us this day our daily bread” (Proverbs 8:34, Luke 11:3).

• It’s a Bible reading program, not a study. B90 is free of any denominational emphasis, narrow interpretations or pet theological controversies; it’s strictly a straight reading of Scripture, nothing more.

• It’s 90 days: B90 neatly fits into a quarterly calendar schedule (3 months) and can be completed within that timeframe.

• It’s flexible: you can start B90 anytime of the year that you desire; you’re free to choose when B90 would be best suited for your class and schedule.

• It’s memorable: reading the whole Bible within 90 days provides a sweeping panoramic view of Biblical history; you will more readily remember and connect key historical events of Genesis to Israel’s history, to the Prophets, to the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life.

• It’s group-oriented: B90 enjoys a high success (completion) rate when done in a group. It will be most effective when done together as a family, with a group of families, or even within your entire church community.

• It’s transformational: the Bible is powerful, life-changing, and eternal. Nothing is more effective at renewing the mind than the Word of God.

• It’s affordable: save $5 when purchasing the B90 Bible and Participant’s Guide together at just $19.99.

• Lots of freebies: we’ve designed a variety of customizable free resources to augment the B90 experience: B90 bookmark/reading schedule, flyers, posters, B90 logos, social media images, and even B90 completion certificates to celebrate when you finish B90 together. You’re welcome!

The Bible in 90 Days Bible is currently offered in the NIV version. The companion Participant’s Guide and Leader’s Guide with DVDs are highly recommended to obtain the full benefit of B90. We believe that B90 is best suited for ages 12 and older because the reading takes about 45-60 minutes a day, but as the parent you know best your children’s abilities. Here are some helpful B90 FAQs.


“I read the Bible in 90 days when I was in medical school — arguably one of the life situations that requires you to be reading at almost every minute of the day. A Sunday school course was offered that would bring me alongside other worshippers who were pursuing the same goal. I had read the Bible the whole way through once before — although I think it took me all of about 3 years in bits and pieces. Thirty minutes a day (at least!) sounded daunting considering I had a list a mile long of things that I needed to read for thirty minutes a day: anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, amino acids, diseases, pathophysiology, etc., etc… but the Bible won out. It took me a week or two in to realize that it won out, but I can guarantee you that it always wins.”  — Tiffany Lin

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The Bible in 90 Days™ has a complete line of integrated resources that are field-tested, proven effective in increasing Biblical literacy, and work great in small groups or Sunday school classes. Discover why so many pastors, churches and small groups have used The Bible in 90 Days across the U.S and in 21 countries spanning 5 continents. Click an image below to see pricing on a NIV B90 Bible, B90 Participant’s Guide, or the B90 Combo.

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