B90 Bible Reading Tips

Summary: Your life can change in 90 days — guaranteed! But for a life-change to happen, you need to complete the process. You’ll be surprised how easily you can do it if you’ll follow these simple instructions.


Reading the Bible in 90 days is an incredibly rewarding experience, and definitely a challenge. So here are a few tips to help you make it to the last page:

  • Make reading your daily priority.

  • Remove distractions: get in a quiet place; silence your phone, computer, and TV.

  • Pray before you read.

  • Don’t judge your response to what you are reading: just keep reading!

  • Write down questions as you read; investigate them later.

  • Take your Bible with you everywhere.

  • If you get behind, don’t give up and don’t quit! Use the weekend to catch up!


  1. Pauline says:

    I’m so unhappy about falling behind. I’m more than halfway behind my reading schedule that I started 2 months ago. But still I’ve learnt lots and so thankful to God for taking me on this journey. He knows all things and knows why He has me in the book of Chronicles at this point and not John 15. I have wars going on in my life and God needed me to be here; reminding me that if I remain faithful He will deliver the enemy into my hand.

    To the facilitators if you know of any groups that are doing B90, that I can join please let me know. Many thanks

    • Linda Ander says:

      Hi Pauline,
      Thanks for your note. God does know all our frustrations and He will bring you through. There are many B90 groups, as you know. Your comment did not show your city or area. If you could send us that, we will check for groups in your area and let you know.

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