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Awake! WNC 2016


Awake! WNC 2016

We will post a video with highlights from the Awake! WNC event soon, so check back here mid-November. See our Events page for upcoming Awake! related gatherings.

Special Guests

Brother YunBrother Yun: Brother Yun was among China's most dedicated, courageous, and intensely persecuted house church leaders. His book Heavenly Man describes the way God miraculously protected and sustained him through terrible persecution, and empowered him to serve on the leading edge of the greatest explosion of Christian faith in history. Brother Yun will be exhorting us to live boldly for Christ, even in the midst of persecution.


Peter HammondPeter Hammond: Peter has a global perspective on the Christian movement that will help us to see our country and the culture wars of which we are part into a broader perspective. Peter has served persecuted Christians in Africa and Eastern Europe. He has been ambushed by aerial and artillery bombing, stabbed, shot at, beaten by mobs, arrested, and imprisoned. Peter will be challenging us to stand strong, to have true backbone as believers in an age that requires faithfulness.


Isik AblaIsik Abla: Isik is a Muslim convert to Christianity who’s testimony and teaching is greatly needed in America. In 1996 she fled to America for her life from a violent husband. After years of struggle and failing in her personal life, Isik fell into intense depression. She encountered God on the day she planned suicide, and received supernatural healing and redemption of Jesus Christ. Isik hosts TV shows in Turkish and English. Her programs deliver a message of love, healing, and freedom.

Peter OderaPeter Odera: Pastor Pete has founded several organizations and ministries: The Waterbrook Church, a thriving church in Kenya; Ixos Synergies, which has developed emerging leaders both in his native Kenya, and abroad. Peter is a sought-after international speaker, and mentors CEO's, judges, and other musicians like himself. He has worked with Jars of Clay, won several music awards, appeared on TBN, and co-founded Kenya’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

Mark BelilesMark Beliles: Mark has taught in about a hundred cities and in about 25 states in America and now works regularly with cultural leadership teams he has trained in many of those places. Mark will bring a deep understanding of our national Christian heritage and what it will take to reclaim the values that made this nation great in the sight of God. He has a unique vision and strategy for discipleship on the local level that may serve our region in the coming years.


David ArthurDavid Arthur: David was 30 years into an "alternate lifestyle" as a transgender, with multiple incarcerations and diseases that nearly killed him. He repented, turned to Christ, and the Lord healed him. He has a message of grace and truth that needs to be heard and shared. More importantly, he has insights to help others who struggle with their sexuality, whether gay or straight. David has a heart for the awakening of the church and believes his message is a vital part of what we need to hear if we are to walk in obedience and to do ministry that matters.



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