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About Awake!


About Awake!


The focus of Awake! is on repentance, restoration, and renewal for individuals, families, churches, communities, regions, states, and our nation. Coming together under the Lordship of Christ, we seek God’s face to be cleansed from our sins and to be equipped as agents of spiritual awakening. Awake! emphasizes the Father's Love, the Son's Salvation, and the Power of the Spirit.


Awake! is a ministry of Scripture Awakening (SA). Scripture Awakening is a ministry designed to equip individuals, small groups, and entire congregations to feed deeply on the riches of Scripture, to apply these principles to their daily lives, and to use these truths to impact the world around them. Scripture Awakening comprises three ministry branches:

  • B90: Read the Bible
  • BNEXT: Study the Bible
  • BEYOND: Live the Bible

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