About Scripture Awakening

We believe in the transformational power of God’s Word. Scripture Awakening has developed a comprehensive, integrated, and user-friendly approach to the Bible. Our simple reading program and in-depth study materials have restored and increased Biblical literacy, and created a renewed hunger for God’s Word in individuals, communities, and whole churches. You’re invited to discover what believers in 49 U.S. states, 21 countries, and 5 continents have found: a greater understanding of the Bible, a stronger faith, spiritual growth, and a deepened relationship with the living God.

Scripture Awakening’s Mission is to provide resources that equip people to read, study, and live God’s Word, awakened to its transformative power for their lives, communities, and the world. Scripture Awakening is made up of three ministry branches:

Bible in 90 Days (B90) is a group oriented Bible reading plan that engages people in a 90 day, cover-to-cover reading of the Bible. A specially designed Bible (NIV), a B90 Participant’s Guide, multimedia teaching videos, and group accountability all combine to make this a life-changing experience.

BNEXT Bible Studies answer the ‘What’s next?’ question everyone asks after they complete B90. BNEXT studies move users into a deeper application of God’s Word. Pastors may incorporate studies with their weekly sermons, which connects the sermon to a small group study, and even personal devotions. BNEXT fits any church of any size and denomination. With topical themes or whole books of the Bible, these downloadable resources provide commentary and thoughtfully constructed questions to facilitate in-depth reflection on the Scriptures. BNEXT leadership development resources help churches build leaders, small groups and disciples for Christ.

BEYOND includes a library of podcasts from our Beyond Word Radio broadcasts. Podcasts include interviews from national authors, speakers, leaders, and thinkers that bring rich and practical insights on a variety of topics that are relevant for everyday life. Beyond Resources include biblically-based books, small group resources, and leadership training guides to help Christians find wholeness in their lives. They also help entire congregations grow deeper in their understanding of Scripture and its application for the life of the church.

More About Scripture Awakening

The Need

Biblical illiteracy has become the norm in our society. A 2004 Gallup survey found that a mere 37 percent of teenagers could identify a quotation from the “Sermon on the Mount” when given four choices. Time magazine observed in a 2007 cover story that only half of U.S. adults were able to name one of the four Gospels.

Jim Castelli of the Barna Group, described the problem squarely:

“Americans revere the Bible — but, by and large, they don’t read it. And because we don’t read it, we have become a nation of biblical illiterates.” [1]

We might hope for solutions to come from the Church. And yet, a general lack of biblical grounding threatens the very life of the Church. Eighty percent of Americans, for example, claim to be Christian, but only ten percent of said Christians have even read through the entire Bible. As a result, most Christians are not drawing the life-giving power from Scripture that is available for their lives. Too spiritually weak to stand against the temptations of the world, Christians are statistically not following biblical norms for holy and happy living, leaving them not much better off than those who do not know Christ. Thus, marriages are failing, families are falling apart, and pastors cannot keep up with it all. The Body of Christ withers from a lack of spiritual hunger. The need for spiritual hunger in God’s people is clearly evident. We pray and try to mobilize people to return to the Word.

Mark Steiner, President of Through the Bible Publishers, opined:

“Biblical illiteracy is the single most significant threat to the viability of the Church in America. Do I really mean that? Yes, I absolutely do — and here’s why — God has established His Word as a cultural watershed. Once the Bible has been removed from the heart and mind of a person or a civilization, collapse is imminent. Our postmodern culture is gravely ignorant of God’s thoughts and the Bible’s wisdom. Our churches are largely impotent. Our society is therefore at risk. The walls of protection are crumbling. It is time to rebuild — brick-by-brick — using the reinforcing precepts found in God’s Word.” [2]

Our Vision

The Bible describes the first humans who turned from God as not paying attention to or obeying His Words. They ate from the wrong tree in Eden and the world has since borne the consequences (Genesis 2). The remedy for this problem, as the Bible explains, was provided by God when He sent His Son into the world to atone for our sins. He also sent His Spirit, enabling us to live fully and freely for His glory. We cannot enjoy this remedy, however, if we don’t pay attention to and obey God’s Word. The Scripture, like a “tree of life,” leads us to God and provides nourishment for our lives. Therefore, Scripture Awakening is comprised of three ministry branches which together enable us to:

Read B90

Each of these ministry branches is laden with fruit, ripe for the picking — all with roots in a common source — the Bible. Those who enjoy the fruit of the Bible in 90 Days (B90) will develop a spiritual appetite by reading Scripture. They will then likely ask, “What’s next?” Thus, the need for BNEXT, a catalogue of specially designed studies written to help deepen understanding of God’s Word. Those who study the Word using BNEXT resources become inspired to move BEYOND mediocrity and to live the Word. Hence, the BEYOND database of resources and BEYOND WORDS radio podcasts help believers to live out their faith on a daily basis. Regardless of how one first engages with Scripture Awakening, B90, BNEXT, or BEYOND, they can enjoy fruit from the tree.

Scripture Awakening is designed to touch individuals, small groups, churches, and entire communities. It is hoped that individuals who get involved will come together in small groups when possible and such groups will thrive best if they are connected to the larger Christian community as through a church or specialized ministry.

Our History: Two Ministries Become One

Scripture Awakening. William P. (Bill) Campbell experienced the process of transformation that comes through discipleship at a young age. His parents founded Community Bible Study, a ministry that now reaches over 150,000 people in America and is established in more than 60 nations. Bill’s involvement with Community Bible Study through the years helped to shape his life and vision. Thus, when he began pastoring, he sensed God’s call to develop a ministry using the same basic principles for the Church. He wrote and tested materials, and with the help of his doctoral studies, his keen board of directors, and the insights and development efforts of the initial executive director, Stephen Eyre, the ministry had been well tested and aimed for a national launch in 2013. To strengthen the ministry’s impact, Bill’s radio outreach was folded into the Scripture Awakening umbrella. Still, after nearly two decades of building the foundation of Scripture Awakening, an important piece of the puzzle was missing.

Bible in 90 Days. In 1999, Ted Cooper, a 43-year-old agnostic, decided to try to read the Bible. As an accountant with a penchant for orderliness, Ted figured that if he read 12 pages of his Bible each day, he could finish it in exactly ninety days. Ted got about halfway through the book when he became a believer and follower of Christ. He finished his reading and was so excited that he did it again. In 2001, he created a course to help other people read the Bible cover to cover, and in 2002, he left his career to found Bible in 90 Days. In 2003, he and his ministry team developed their first video series and in 2005, Zondervan published curriculum and a Bible specifically for Bible in 90 Days. The ministry continued to grow and develop, reaching churches around the world and across denominations. Soon it was being enjoyed by small groups ranging from two people to 1,000 people spanning 49 states and 20 countries. It became a useful tool in prisons as well. In 2012, Ted developed health issues, so he and his board of directors decided that Bible in 90 Days needed a new home. After much prayer and searching, they were led to unite with Scripture Awakening, making both ministries stronger together than either one could have been alone. Thus developed the natural progression of reading, studying, and living God’s Word.


[1] George Gallup Jr. and Jim Castelli (1990), “Americans and the Bible,” Bible Review (June); http://members.bib-arch.org/publication.asp?PubID=BSBR&Volume=6&Issue=3&ArticleID=18

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